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ICE Kunion Brings Manhwa to the US

Date: 2005 July 12 15:58

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We've just got a press release from ICE Kunion, a joint enterprise between Korean publishing companies Sigongsa, Seoul Cultural and others. They mention their October line up, which includes Angel Diary, Chocolat, The 11th Cat and Bring It On, which have sold a combined total of almost a million copies in Korea alone.

The Otaku News crew note that this press release is interesting, since Korean comic books are normally incorrectly marketed as manga to people who automatically assume it is from Japan. ICE Kunion are marketing their titles are Korean and are taking pride in it claiming that "Korean Manhwa has taken over Japanese Manga to be the hottest books in the market".

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2005 ICE Kunion Sneak Peak Sampler

July 18, 2005, Seoul, Korea – ICE Kunion will be adding to the coolness of October, by debuting its original Korean Manwah graphic novels in North America this fall. The ICE Kunion imprint is a joint enterprise of a few of the largest Korean publishing empires, Sigongsa, Seoul Cultural, and others, which have dominated the Asian comic book market with their high caliber art and writing. The new imprint is dedicated to bring the best and newest titles that are available directly from Korea to the English speaking fans!

Eddie Yu, the head of ICE Kunion, is very excited that genuine high quality Manwah is finally arriving in October. "Korean Manhwa has taken over Japanese Manga to be the hottest books in the market, and now we are bring you the latest hit titles directly from the source! The publishers joint together in ICE Kunion has a library of books that has sold millions of copies in Asia and Europe, and I believe the English reading fans really deserve a taste of what's really going on out there!"

ICE Kunion's North American entrance will begin with four of its most successful titles:

Angel Diary – This #1 selling title in Korea is a wacky fantasy comedy of a runaway Angel princess and her fiancé – a Demon King in our world, in our city, in our school. By the same creative team that brought you the popular Manhwa title "Demon Diary" published by Tokyo Pop under a license from Sigongsa, which was already a bestseller in North America based on reports by Bookscan. This highly anticipated follow up is sure to be a big hit among Manhwa fans here!


Chocolat – First romantic comedy about fan clubs and the idols they adore. Anyone who ever was crazy about an idol singer will love this title. This ongoing series is also a #1 selling title currently in Korea.

The 11th Cat

The 11th Cat – A young witch in training and her cat solves supernatural problems. This super cute fantasy adventure is one of the top 5 recently published titles in Korea.

Bring It On – Everyone remembers his or her first relationship. Witness how a tomboy, Miha's first relationship unfolds. This current top 5 title is sure to attract any romantic comedy fan.

Selling a combined total of almost one million copies in Korea alone, these books are certain to gain the same devoted fan-base among North American & international readers. Combining award-winning artwork with engaging storylines, ICE Kunion will reinvigorate the North American market with the English translations of their extensive roster of authentic Manwah titles.

Going forward, ICE Kunion plans to release 2 new series titles per month for the rest of 2005, with many exciting new series coming in 2006.

ICE Kunion is launching a very aggressive and comprehensive marketing campaign, including distribution of sneak peak samplers at conventions, starting at San Diego Comic-Con this week. These sneak peak samplers will also be made available in comic shops and in over 1,200 Borders and Waldenbooks.

ICE will be conducting a major publicity push to both the Manga/Anime and the mainstream market, with a major presence at the San Diego Comic Con, North America's premiere pop-culture convention. ICE Kunion will also have a strong presence at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair, where South Korea will be the Guest Country of Honor.

Worldwide English language distribution to bookstores, mass market, libraries and comic shops will be handled by Diamond Comic Distributors and Diamond Book Distributors.

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Source: ICE Kunion
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