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Toshio Maeda at New York Comic Con

Date: 2012 September 27 15:48

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Fans of hentai at New York Comic Con have a rare opportunity to meet one of the most influential and controversial manga artists Toshio Maeda. Creator of the the renowned Urotsukidoji and La Blue Girl has his own stall at the hugely popular event. He'll be selling uncensored original artwork. We've been told by those who have seen this artwork that it is beautiful and photos / screen shots just don't do it justice. That and well, if you're going to buy hentai artwork, buy it from the most influential creators!

Even if you don't buy anything, if you go along to his table and say that you are "Otaku News Fans", Tosho Maeda will give you a small free present!

New York Comic Con runs from October 11th to 14th 2012.

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Safe (just about) for work artwork as follows:

Toshio Maeda
Toshio Maeda

Not safe for work website can be found here.

Source: Otaku News
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