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500 Essential Anime Movies by Helen McCarthy - out now

Date: 2008 August 05 18:01

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We've received details regarding anime expert Helen McCarthy's new book 500 Essential Anime Movies. It's out now in the UK and will be released in the US in a few weeks. You can buy it and

We've always recommend Helen's books for several reasons - they're well written and they're well researched that and they're enjoyable to read. ^_^

Helen goes to a lot of effort to check the facts and details when writing books and it does show. We also recommend Helen McCarthy's publications when researching anime and manga, especially for academic purposes, you can never go wrong citing her work.

Full Story

Details as follows:

Anime - Japanese animation - is hugely popular throughout the world. TV stations screen it dubbed into languages from Arabic to Russian, Catalan to Chinese. Diehard fans, or otaku, download it from the Internet. New titles appear every week. But before you drown in the tidal wave of new releases, look inside this book. Here you’ll find expert reviews of all the most significant standalone titles - the core of any English-speaking fan’s anime library. 500 Essential Anime Movies reveals the huge range of titles available in English, making them accessible to everyone from newcomers to experts. Divided into chapters by genre, so you can easily find the kind of story you like, and with advisory icons to warn you of sexual or violent content, the book also has details of directors, writers, designers, and English-language release labels. Reviews from a leading anime expert are sure to provoke debate, as well as helping you find the anime you want, quickly and easily.

  • Includes only titles that have been released in English, avoiding the frustration of reading about a wonderful show that’s only available in Japanese

  • Covers a wide range of genres and types of anime, with something for all ages and tastes

  • Gives information about directors, writers, and designers, with an index to help you track down your favorites

  • Top Ten lists for each genre-agree or not, they’ll get you thinking!

  • Also includes Top Ten lists for under-fives and older children, as a quick reference guide for parents and carers

  • Includes details of experimental and independent titles-cutting edge work from outside the commercial mainstream

UK Title: 500 Essential Anime Movies: The very best in Japanese animation
ISBN-10 (UK Edition) 1905814283

ISBN-13 (UK Edition) 978-1905814282

US Title: 500 Essential Anime Movies: The Ultimate Guide
ISBN-10 (US Edition) 0061474509

ISBN-13 (US Edition) 978-0061474507

Source: Ilex Press
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