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Do you have a compulsion, a craving, an irresistible attraction, an enthusiasm, a fascination, an infatuation, a wild uncontrollable secret passion for a certain kind of manga? Then Deux is here for you!

Deux Press (established in 2007) is the yaoi manga imprint of Aurora Publishing, Inc. By making Makoto Tateno’s first yaoi/boys love story Hate to Love You their launch title, Deux showed their dedication to releasing only the highest quality yaoi manga in America.

Deux continues to produce elite examples of classic yaoi masterpieces such as the I Shall Never Return series: "I Shall Never Return is the kind of infectious book you loan to your friends just so you can have someone to talk to about it. It elicits a reaction from the reader, and has more story per chapter than some manga has in four volumes." - popcultureshock

With a focus on releasing exemplary yaoi titles from classics to contemporary, Deux shows manga fans what makes yaoi the popular phenomenon that it is today and leads them to the realm "Where Fantasy Becomes Obsession."

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