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Kiss All The Boys

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Released by: Deux Press

Publishing Country: USA

Author: Shiuko, Kano

Age Rating: 18+

Page Count: 192

ISBN-13: 1978193449613

ISBN-10: 1934496138

Kiss All The Boys


Tetuso, the unfortunate lead in Kiss All the Boys, is finding that his profession in writing hentai manga is not without its personal irony. The rampantly active sex lives of his characters could not be further from the current state of his affairs, or subsequent lack thereof.

If the curse of impotence was not misfortune enough, Tetsuo's youthful indiscretions soon come back to haunt him in the mischievous form of his estranged son. To complicate matters, young Haruka is at the tender stage of adolescence when raging hormones blossom into forthright sexual identity. Haruka is his father's opposite, a lascivious live wire with an insatiable interest in the same sex.

Sparks fly in an epic clash of paternal and personal dilemmas as father and son do battle over the puzzle of Tetsuo's virility. Haruka firmly believes that there is only one cure for his father's predicament and that is a vital injection of hot male romance!


Kiss All the Boys is an engaging exposé of family life in the boys' love genre. Crafted with a sharp wit, this candid comedy is a cut above many other works that flow from similar vein such as the seiyuu centred saga of Shout Out Loud - Sakende Yaruze. The comedic execution is what really makes the book a shining jewel amongst the translated titles available. Her humour lends charm and lustre enough to catch the attention of even the most world weary boys' love fans. The work is unfettered by the constraints of chaste romance and chaos reigns supreme. Volume 1 leaves in its wake several intriguing potentials for entanglements between the lively cast of characters.

The artwork has its own distinctive allure that flows from the individuality of Kano's character designs. The vivid portrayal of these unique personalities accelerates the story's momentum to match the high speed humour.

Kano's cast combines the attractive archetypes of bishonen in haughty, masculine and boorish types placed in refreshing contrast with the delicate flowers of boyhood. It is a manga to appeal to the more enterprising boys' love enthusiast, such as those who are willing to brace the chaos and take the pervasive pornographic lampoon in their stride. Reading the manga I would also feel confident to recommend the title to seasoned readers with eclectic tastes in comedy. Some may find, however, their appetite is spoiled by the distinctive flavour of the genre. Nevertheless, being a reader of the acquired taste this succulent piece was an absolute treat and I await the next invitation to dine with relish.


Rating: 8/10

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