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Voidol2 Anime Style Voice Changing Software Review

Date: 2022 February 08 21:03

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After we heard about Crimson Technology's voice changing Voidol2 software we were curious to know more about it. It's aimed at those who want to change their voices to that of a Japanese school girl, robot or something else for whatever reason. It's mainly aimed at streamers, VTubers and other content creators.

Thanks to the good folks at Crimson Technology we were able to get our hands on a review copy to give it a go.

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VOIDOL2 Review (version 2.0.0 EC Store)

Voidol2 is the update to Crimson Technology's Voidol real-time voice changing software, suitable for VTubers streaming live. It comes with Synth mode and AI mode and a built-in recorder so you can save your voices to your hard drive.

It was easy enough to install and set up. While I'm not a sound engineer in the slightest, I did try out different settings until my voice sounded okay, which was easy enough, but I did need to restart the software for some changes to take effect (which isn't prompted by the software at all). The user interface is clean and nicely designed, but could have used tooltips or descriptions to help guide me through the settings. I'm not a VTuber, but I do stream art and gaming. For the purposes of this review, I tested the software out live on Twitch, using an anime filter on myself.

Firstly, I went through the AI voice conversion models. There are a total of 6 that come with Voidol2 (CRIMMZOH, Kanade Minato, Otomiya Iroha, Otomiya Urala, Rice-Chan and Sophia Lambfield). I was also given a couple of extra voice models to try for the purposes of this review (Yuzuki Yukari and Megpoid).

Each voice came with either a Female or Male setting. Unfortunately, it wasn't clear if 'Female' meant it would change your voice to a female, or if it is suitable for the female voice. As I went through each model, some sounded too similar to each other to really stand out, which is a shame. The quality also varied, with some models lagging or sounding clearer than others. There were a few gems though, my favourites being Otomiya Iroha and Otomiya Urala, Female settings, which turned me into your average Japanese school girl! Most of the Male options however, turned my voice super-squeaky. I realised later that this is probably because they were specifically for a male's voice (I'm female), hence the setting was called 'Male'. It would have been good if the UI made this clearer, again perhaps with a tooltip pop-up or description somewhere. None of these models actually made me sound male in the end, which was a surprise. Most of the female voices worked great though.

Next I went into Synth mode. Here is where the software really shined! Firstly, find the Bank that suits your voice (Bank 3 suited my deeper female voice perfectly), then play with the heavy/squeaky Pitch or froggy Formant dials. You've also got the Whisper dial if you want to play out a quieter or creepier tone. Or if you want to sound like a Vocaloid, the Robot dial's got you covered. The Presets are also good, I finally found a Female to Male setting that worked for my voice here!

In addition, Synth has Expert Mode, where it turns Voidol2 into more of a recording studio. You can add and mix your own sound samples, play with Space (room/echo) settings and more. With Voidol2's built-in recorder, Expert mode is ideal for those creating video content, for example, an animated series with characters in a cave scene.

Overall, Voidol2's Synth mode works amazingly well. The AI mode, while nice to have, is sadly not the greatest quality, compared to say Voicemod, which has a better, bigger, more diverse range of voice models. However, Voidol2 really stands out with its Synth expert mode, where if you put in the time and get around the settings, offers the opportunity for a limitless cast of characters! Recommended for anime VTubers or those who create character-related content.

Source: Otaku News
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