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Film Four Free from Sunday - Free Ghibli Films Hooray!

Date: 2006 July 19 11:06

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Film Four will be free from Sunday switching from a premium to advert supported and thus free service. It will be available on cable (Telewest and NTL), Sky and freeview, it will also include a time delayed +1 channel.

Film Four has the rights to a wide range of World Cinema and cult films which include many Ghibli classics.

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Some films we think you might like on Film Four:

Sunday 23rd July 2006-
9pm Lost in Translation - Two Americans stuck in Japan, some culture shock where have we heard that before?

00:40 Infernal Affairs subbed HK cop film starring Andy Lau.

So far I can't find an air date for any of the Ghibli films having only found listings which cover the Sunday relaunch. A number of Ghibli films such as Kikki, Laputa and Princess Mononoke are visible in the trailer.

Source: Film Four
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