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New Manga Collector's Club + Manga Events with Ottaker's

Date: 2006 February 26 08:28

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After getting a heads up from Anime Artists UK on bookshop Ottaker's new Manga Collector's Club, I searched around and found that Ottaker's Coventry branch will also be holding a small manga evening on April 6th in association with Tokyo Pop.

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According to the post (originally forwarded from LANMA), the Ottaker's Manga Collector's Club details are as follows;

"Ottakar's Bookstores have introduced a Manga Collector's Club, launching in all stores on March 1st.

From that date, Manga fans will be able to pick up a Manga Collector's Card. Every time they buy a Manga title from either Tokyopop or Orion's extensive range of titles, they will get a stamp on their card. Once they have three stamps, they can pick any book from the selection and get it free of charge.

"Graphic novels have been a real growth area for Ottakar's over the last few years," said PR manager Jon Howells, "and Manga sales have rocketed. We've been extending our range constantly, and have consistently offered the best Manga range on the High Street, outside of specialist comic shops. However, we don't want to rest on our laurels, so we've introduced our Manga Collector's Card to make sure that when people think Manga, they think of Ottakar's."

Initially the promotion includes titles from Tokyopop and Orion. "These are the two leading Manga publishers in the UK," said Ottakar's Graphic Novel Buyer Janine Cook. "Nearly every Manga title we sell comes from one of these publishers, so Manga fans will have no problem filling their Collectors Cards!"

Among the many titles included in the promotion are Orion's Dragonball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh! Tokyopop series include the bestselling Love Hina, Chobits, Battle Royale and many, many more.

The Manga Collector's Card will be available from Ottakar's Bookshops nationwide from March 1st. For details of your nearest branch of Ottakar's, visit

Ottakar's, established in 1987, is the second largest specialised bookchain, with over 140 stores currently throughout the UK. It was voted Bookselling Company of the Year at the British Book Awards 2004, for the second year running. Ottakar's continued and growing success owes much to the autonomy of the local branch managers, the knowledge and expertise of the bookshop staff, and their connections with and understanding of the towns in which they are based."

Exciting, huh? Only 3 stamps = free book! Take that scanlation demon! ^_^

Additionally, there will be a 'Manga Evening' held in Ottaker's Coventry branch on the 5th April, the current details are:

"Ottakar's Coventry, in association with Tokyopop, will be hosting an evening of Manga! Test your knowledge of Manga with a Quiz! Dress up - best costume wins a prize. Freebies and refreshments to be had. Also join our manga collectors club!

All ages welcome. From 6.30pm til 8pm.
Start time: 6.30pm

Tickets: Tickets are available from the store and cost £1.50. Price will include refreshments.

Contact: Please speak to Becca or Nicky at the store for more information, on 02476 634224."

Here's hoping similar events will be held at other branches around the country - More information as it comes ^^

Source: Ottakers
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