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Is KyuuCON a Scam?

Date: 2005 August 25 17:36

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After posting the press release from KyuuCon yesterday, it's been brought to our attention by various members of UK anime fandom that there is something fishy about KyuuCON. Firstly it appears that the venue mentioned the Plymouth Pavillions has not heard of KyuuCON or the organisers in question. The second major alarm bell is where the payments are going, into a personal bank account and not a building society account/non-profit account in the conventions name.

What's also interesting is their sudden change of heart, and the way they've just moved everything back a year. Plus this thread brought to our attention at the AyaCon Forum. At this current moment in time, based on what we have heard, we believe that KyuuCON is either very poorly organised or a cash grabbing scam, either way, we suggest you avoid KyuuCON for now.

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Normally when people run anime conventions they've had previous experience in fandom, running anime clubs or sci-fi/fantasy clubs and similar events. At the very least people who want to run a convention would have experience as a gopher at a convention to see what is involved. The people running KyuuCON don't seem to have any of this, yet they appear to be attempting to run an anime convnetion larger than anything else in the UK before.

So for your general amusement we suggest you visit KyuuCON's forum and read this thread and at least one LiveJournal Posting. All current evidence points to another estranged anime fan with delusions of grandeur, we hope this is not the case since the UK could always do with another anime convention, after all the more the merrier.

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