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J-Pop Go July Still Go!

Date: 2005 July 11 16:56

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Our club bunny readers will be pleased to hear that despite recent tragic events in London, J-Pop Go July is indeed still Go and set for Wednesday 13th July. Tickets are still available at venue on the night.

The Otaku News Crew advise that you allow extra travel time to get the venue Fluid.

Regular contributor Voxie went to the last J-Pop go and has written a report of the event.

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Press release as follows:

The next J-Pop Go is almost upon us for next Wednesday 13th July with another night of superb J-Pop tunes!

Thanks to all those that have ordered tickets for J-Pop Go so far which you should have received in the post by now. Tickets are still available and you can order them either online or at the venue on the night.

As you'll be aware, London was affected last week by a series of incidents which caused the London Underground to be shut down. Things are gradually returning to normal with the underground running again, albeit with some stations and lines either out of action or suffering from delays.

If you're coming down to J-Pop Go on Wednesday we ask you to bear this in mind and suggest arriving a little earlier than planned to allow for any potential tube delays.

Issue 2 of the J-Pop Go magazine is still in production and won't be ready in time for the next event. We'll keep you posted as it goes to print, but if you've subscribed then issue 2 will be winging its way to you in the post in due course.

As ever, visit the J-Pop Go website for all the info:

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