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J-Pop Go Report - A Successful Night!

Date: 2005 May 05 07:13

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J-Pop Go, possibly the first night of its kind in London town – a club night dedicated to pleasing its crowd with Japanese pop and rock sounds! And that it was, with popular classics from the likes of J-rockstars L’Arc En Ciel, to some of the latest from J-pop groups HALCALI and Puffy.

The night was held at the Japanese-themed social spot Fluid, and the best of its kind I’ve seen so far! Coloured in striking red shades, two floors/bars, with artwork, katakana and anime clips playing across the walls, it proved a perfect venue for the night! The catering was in check, there was Asahi beer and sushi on the menus, as well as some interesting cocktails, including a ‘wasabi martini’! You could only get away with it in a bar like this one!

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The DJs were on par. Japanese pop music, which is stuff I usually only listen to through headphones, is a new experience over the subwoofers. For me the ear candy was kept sweet, as it was unlike any other club night I'd been to. The rock flowed through pop flowed through hip-hop flowed through pop again...Why does it seem to work so well with the Japanese genre than it would with the usual English music, I don't know! But hell, I loved it. I found myself asking the DJ several times about songs on play.

The one thing that held back this innovative night was only the crowd itself, which ultimately complete the clubbing experience. The crowd were pretty stiff early on. But a few hours later, people eventually began to loosen up and dance. There was even some choreography going on, as well as an alcohol-induced conga line! All of which fitted perfectly with the bouncy J-Pop that was playing at the time too – You could only get away with it on a night like this one!

This was indeed a unique night for me. It is an innovative venture, and I think it works extremely well. I reckon if they got more of a crowd going, it would be perfect, as that’s all it really needed. A hand to the organisers as everything else was ran superbly!

Diverse Japanese sounds, of even more diverse genres, which nevertheless seemed to meld seamlessly with eachother throughout the evening. The walled anime clips, the sushi menu and wasabi martini, and an eclectic crowd. There seriously isn’t anything close to a night like this out on the town, I’m definitely up for a follow-up!

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