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Garnier Release Manga Hair Styling Product In UK

Date: 2005 April 26 18:03

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Anime and manga fans in the UK have always dreamed of their favourite hobby becoming more mainstream, without doubt over the last year or so this has happened. What key indicators are we using for this? Sales figures in highstreet retailers? Availability of manga in bookshops? No, we're using hair products. Anime and manga characters have always been noted for having very distinct hairstyles and beauty products company Garnier have just released Fructis Style Manga Head styling putty in the UK. It seems that either their marketing department are cool and hip or Garnier have found a niche market of otaku who want to emulate their favourite characters.

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Garnier's Manga Head Website has details on how to give yourself that manga hair look, with style tips and such (although real enthusiasts of spikey hair will already know that using soap as a base gets gravity defying results).

Garnier's Manga Head Style tips

They even have the brief history of manga which is not exactly accurate as they claim it was invented by Hokusai who is best known for his Great Wave or Tsunami Prints and other views of Mount Fuji, in reality otaku will be able to trace manga further back to the 12th century animal scrolls by Toba.

Garnier seem to be serious about the Manga Head brand as they are currently running a competition to win a trip to Tokyo.

So all we need now is a method to make our eyes take up at least a third of our face and then the Otaku News Crew will really look like manga and anime characters! ^_-

Source: Garnier Beauty Bar
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