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UK Anime DVD Release Dates Until April 2005

Date: 2005 March 20 19:34

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For our UK readers, we've got a selection of DVD release dates up until the end of April from different companies. As always release dates are liable to change for various reasons, so here's the latest details:

21-Mar-05 Chrono Crusade Volume 01
21-Mar-05 Chobits Volume 1
21-Mar-05 Gad Guard Volume 02
21-Mar-05 Get Backers Volume 02
21-Mar-05 Final Fantasy: Unlimited Volume 07
21-Mar-05 Lady Death
21-Mar-05 Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Volume 03
21-Mar-05 Neon Genesis Evangelion (3 Disc Collection)
21-Mar-05 Rune Soldier Volume 05

With so many titles out this week alone, it seems the UK fans are spoilt for choice! Only a couple of years ago British anime fans hardly had any new titles release regularly and were lucky to get one release a month, let alone nine on the same week!

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28-Mar-05 Cowboy Bebop Vol. 3
28-Mar-05 Hack Sign Vol. 7 Artbox
28-Mar-05 Hack Sign Vol. 7

04-Apr-05 Adventures Of Mini Goddess Volume 2
04-Apr-05 Dominion Tank Police Acts 1 & 2
04-Apr-05 Gungrave Volume 1
04-Apr-05 Haibane Renmei Volume 1
04-Apr-05 Kiddy Grade Volume 8
04-Apr-05 Kino's Journey Volume 4

18-Apr-05 Angelic Layer Volume 7
18-Apr-05 Azumanga Daioh Volume 5
18-Apr-05 New Fist of the North Star Volume 1
18-Apr-05 Kino's Journey Volume 4
18-Apr-05 Last Exile Volume 3

25-Apr-05 Cowboy Bebop Vol. 4
25-Apr-05 Ghost In The Shell Vol 3
25-Apr-05 La Blue Girl Returns: Volume 1
25-Apr-05 S-Cry-Ed Vol. 1
25-Apr-05 Stratos 4 Vol. 1
25-Apr-05 Witch Hunter Robin Vol. 1

Source: Otaku News
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