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Kaiji Live Action Movie - Animal World

Date: 2018 July 05 20:10

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Fans of Chinese Cinema based off Japanese Manga will be interested to hear about Animal World.

The high-profile Chinese live-action cinema feature produced based on Nobuyuki Fukumoto's manga Tobaku mokushiroku Kaiji ("Gambling apocalypse Kaiji") about no-good lowlife Kaiji Ito, whose involvement with gambling and loan sharks land him in seemingly hopeless situations but who, under pressure, displays a remarkable insight into how to manipulate his way out of them - only for his gambling to inevitably lead him to fall into yet another one.

This latest, rather loose adaptation stars Li Yifeng as the protagonist, renamed Zheng Kaisi, with Zhou Dongyu and a special appearance by Michael Douglas, is written for the screen and directed by Han Yan Animal World (动物世界 Dòngwù Shìjiè). Trailers and other promotional videos, some with English subtitles, are available at UK-based distributor Cine Asia's YouTube channel.

Special thanks goes to Jordan Scott for bringing this to our attention and send us all the details

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Details as follows:

Animal World premiered on 16th June 2018 as the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival's opening film and opened in cinemas on Friday, 29 June in China and simultaneously, with English subtitles, in Australia (classified MA15+), Canada (13+ in Quebec/14A outside Quebec), Malaysia (P13), Singapore (PG13), the UK (15) and the USA (not rated ), with other countries (including New Zealand on 12 July) to follow. Participating venues are linked to on Cine Asia's official website for it at

The original comic has not itself been published in English but it has previously been adapted into two seasons of a Japanese animated television series (streamed on Crunchyroll) and two Japanese live-action cinema features (the first of which has been released on DVD in the UK and Ireland).

Source: Animal World Website
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