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Galerians: Rion DVD To Hit The UK

Date: 2005 January 12 18:12

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The folks over at Revolver Entertainment have sent us the details for Galerians: Rion, a CG film based on a PlayStation horror game Galerians, I've also wondered, would 3D CGI be classed as anime? Even if it is Japanese? Or is it one of those blurrily borderline questions? Anyway, it's out on the 24 of January, the same week as Cowboy Bebop Volume 1 and 2 are due to hit the stores in the UK.

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Press release as follows:


Special Collectors' Edition DVD - taking anime to the next stage of evolution


US smash hit Galerians paints a disturbing vision of the future (the year 2156)… Earth's population has been enslaved by Dorothy, a genocidal computer, and only a viral programme developed by her creator can emancipate the human race. What's more, only one of Dorothy's own super-powered Galerians holds the key to unlocking the code and destroying the human who carries it.

Rion is dispatched to find his childhood friend, Lilia, daughter of Dorothy's creator. As he uncovers the truth about himself and his origins, he is forced to battle not only the Galerians ­ but himself…

Galerians is one of the most exciting releases to hit the UK anime market. It's an ultra-violent, nail-bitingly tense thriller that tears a cyborg-shaped hole through the illustrative boundaries of its genre. 100 % CGI, with special edition packaging and supported by a mass UK marketing campaign, Galerians will be a must have for any anime fan on its release in January 2005.

"Spectacular" ­ Home Cinema Choice "An overdose of cyberpunk thrills" - Play

"An explosion of bone, flesh and blood" ­ Underland Online

Based on the original PlayStation horror game Galerians, quoted as ‘Resident Evil, only coked out on drugs' ­ this fully 3-D computer-generated DVD features stunning state-of-the-art animation and special effects, awesome fight sequences and an engrossing story that will thrill fans of anime and sci fi. If you loved Akira, you'll 'most certainly love Galerians: Rion.

The DVD boasts an acclaimed sound track which reads like a who's who of the new metal world [ featuring Slipknot, Fear Factory, Sevendust, Skinny Puppy, The Ataris and more], 2.0 and 5.1 Dolby Sound, Japanese or English soundtrack, or English subtitles.

"…spectacularly flashy combats…the fireworks as [Rion] gears up to his full abilities are tremendous." Science Fiction Weekly [2004]

Galerians: Rion is out on DVD on the 24th of January priced £15.99

Source: Revolver Entertainment
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