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A Silent Voice UK DVD and Blu-ray Release Details

Date: 2017 March 19 12:04

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The good folks at Anime Limited have just revealed that they've put up pre-orders for A Silent Voice on DVD and Blu-ray. Anime Limited announced on Twitter that you now pre order A Silent Voice on standard edition DVD, standard edition blu-ray or Collectors Edition Combi (with DVD and blu-ray). The tentative release date has been set for 18th December 2017.

Anime Limited did state: "NOTE: Until all details are signed-off, we can’t comment on details for our A Silent Voice home video release. Details to follow ASAP".

As the release is so far away, it's really a tentative release date, so we expect it could change as details become clearer., the contents of the collectors edition have yet to be confirmed, we imagine Anime Limited are trying to get some sing off for some nice content. You can still catch the film in select cinemas by checking out

We've written not one, but two reviews of the film for you to compare and contrast.

You can also get the original 7 volume manga from Kodansha Comics via and The movie follows pretty much the same story, but as manga has more time to explore the characters you'll get extra background details about their lives and also a few more chapters into their story together.

Source: Anime Limited
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