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The Wind Rises on Film4 Saturday 7th February 2015

Date: 2015 February 03 15:39

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UK based fans of Studio Ghibli will want to tune into Film4 on Saturday 7th February 2015, as they'll be showing The Wind Rises at 3:25pm. This will be the first UK TV screening of the film. It's Hayao Miyazaki's latest (and most likely last) feature film since the famed Oscar winning director announced his retirement.

The Wind Rises was the highest grossing film in Japan for 2013. It tells the story of a fictionalised biography of Jiro Horikoshi, real life designer of the notorious Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter aircraft. In the film, Jiro is forced to abandon his dream of being a pilot and becomes an engineer, spurred on by vivid dreams and the love of a woman.

Film4 have confirmed that it will be the English dubbed version which features the voice talent of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Film4 can be viewed on:
Freeview: Channel 15
Free Sat: Channel 300
Sky: Channel 315
Virgin: Channel 428
Virgin HD: Channel 429

Also don't forget Film4 +1, to watch it an hour later.
Film4+1 can be viewed on:
Freeview: Channel 45
Free Sat: Channel 301
Sky: Channel 316
Virgin: Channel 430

If you're interested you can read our review of The Wind Rises.

You also can buy the film on DVD, Blu-ray and DVD or Collector's Edition Blu-ray and DVD.

Regular readers will be aware of our review of The Kingdom of Dreams & Madness a documentary that follows the production of The Wind Rises.

Source: Film4
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