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Strike Suit Infinity Competition

Date: 2013 May 06 09:05

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We love giant robots. What could be better than flying around in space and blowing stuff up in a giant robot? We love them so much that we've teamed up with the good people at Born Ready Games to run a competition. You can win a copy of Strike Suit Infinity (to download via Steam).

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The competition is open to anyone on the planet Earth.

Strike Suit Infinity

To enter all you have to do is e-mail competition and answer this question:

What would you do with a giant robot?

The two "best" answers will win. This can be funny, creative, amusing or so on.

E-mail your entry along with your name to:

Your name along with your answer will be published on this site after the competition closes.

Your details will only be used for this competition and deleted afterwards, they will not be used for any other purpose or passed onto third parties. Otaku News and Born Ready Games staff, correspondence and associates are not eligible for this competition. The competition closes on Friday 31st May 2013.

Press release as follows:

Strike Suit Infinity

Strike Suit Zero is a space combat game that combines western and eastern elements into its own unique package.

Japanese Mecha Design

The ship designs in the game are from the renowned Mechanical Design engineer Junji Okubo. The Japanese artist Junji is known for his work for games such as Infinite Space, Steel Battalion and Appleseed.


Developed by the independent studio Born Ready Games based in Guildford (UK), the PC version of Strike Suit Zero is available for download since 23rd January, 2013. The team is also working on a Mac and Linux, as well as Oculus Rift compatible version of the game. Shortly after release of the PC version, Japan was in the Download Top 10 of the game, which is very unusual for a European PC title.

Musical Fusion

The music in the game is a collaboration between the Canadian award-winning composer and sound designer Paul Ruskay, especially known for his work for the space strategy game series Homeworld, and Japanese singer/songwriter Kokia, who also contributed music to Tales of Innocence and Origin: Spirits of the Past. The result is a great soundtrack which intensifies the gaming experience in Strike Suit Zero.

In addition to all that, Born Ready Games just announced Strike Suit Infinity which will be launched on 30 April. The wave-based score-chaser is a standalone title, not requiring the main game to play. Strike Suit Infinity combines all the skills and maneuvers players will have used in Strike Suit Zero and has been designed to provide endless challenge for competitive players through online leaderboards.

Source: Otaku News
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