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NHK World at Hyper Japan Christmas 2012

Date: 2012 November 19 17:42

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It's getting closer to Hyper Japan Christmas 2012, which is set to run from Friday 23rd November to Sunday 26th November 2012.

The international arm of Japanese broadcaster NHK will be there to promote their international channel NHK World.

The station broadcasts content in English and is free to access. If you have Sky you can access NHK World on Channel 507. If you've got FreeSat you can access it on channel 209.

Failing that, you can also watch the show on-line on the NHK Website, JIB TV, or on the NHK World App on iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, etc) and Android Devices.

Fans of Kawaii will be pleased to hear that the station will be looking for people wearing Kawaii Fashion at Hyper Japan for their Kawaii International show. Some stylish attendees to Hyper Japan might be added to the show's Facebook page, or even featured on the show itself!

At the NHK World booth (C6 at Hyper Japan), they'll also be showing Itadakimasu! Dining with the Chef, so you can learn about Japanese cooking techniques.

So if you're going to Hyper Japan this weekend, swing by the NHK World World booth C6.

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Details as follows:

From the land of kawaii culture,
NHK World TV brings you
the one and only

Kawaii International

How cute can it get? Come by the NHK World TV booth (C6) and see for yourself.

And don't be shy about wearing your own kawaii fashion when you show up.
With your style and smile, you might just find yourself on the air in a future program.

Kawaii International

At our booth, we'll also be showing
Take home a free recipe and learn to prepare dishes that appeal to the eye as well as the palate,

Itadakimasu! Dining With The Chef

Whether your appetite runs to looking good or dining well, NHK World has the programs you need.
You'll find us at C6. See you there!

Otaku News Notes on NHK Word TV Shows for fans of Japan -

You can see a list of programmes on NHK World here.

There's pretty much something for everyone regardless of what aspects of Japanese culture you like.

imagine-nation covers anime, manga and video games. This 30 minute magazine program features Japan's ranking of the most popular titles from each genre. The program also has long interviews with Japan's top creators, as well as delivering information on upcoming related events.

J-MELO covers Japanese music, including exclusive performances and interviews for every kind of Japanese music.

Takeshi Art Beat features Japanese film director Takeshi Kitano (yes Beat Takeshi who is responsible for Violent Cop, Boiling Point, Sonatine and Zatoichi to name a few), along with leading figures in the world of the arts, both Japanese and foreign, he actively demonstrates the pleasure to be gained from artistic pursuits and brings out the essence of their charms. It's interesting to see another side of Beat Takeshi!

For the stylish, apart from Kawaii International, there's also Tokyo Fashion Express which presents up-to-the-minute reports on Tokyo's cutting-edge fashions as well as news on fashion trends around the world, including Paris, Milan, and Asian countries, such as rapidly growing India and China.

If you want to focus on Japanese Culture Tokyo Eye gives you the low down on contemporary Tokyo from the perspectives of both visitors and those who live in this diverse metropolis. While the self explanatory Mapping Kyoto Streets presents a tourist guide to the history of the cultural city.

Source: NHK World
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