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Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack UK Release Details

Date: 2012 August 08 15:46

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UK anime fans looking for something different, will want to give Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack a try.

The title is due out on Monday 20th August 2012 and is available for pre-order now. We haven't seen it yet, and we're unsure how to pitch this, perhaps it's the cure for watching too many moe titles?! Forget regular zombies, a fish that sprout legs and attacks the land is not something you hear about everyday!

Full Story

Press release as follows:

Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack Giant, killer fish attack Tokyo!

Terror Cotta presents


Giant, killer fish attack Tokyo!
released on DVD 20th August 2012

(CERT 15)

"If it’s full-on mental entertainment you want, then wrap your eyeballs around this" - Billy Chainsaw Bizarre Magazine

Morbid manga master Junji Ito's putrid and surreal story of mutant zombie fish that sprout legs and attack Japan is the most insane anime to come out of Japan since Urotsukidōji: Legend of the Overfiend; Directed by Takayuki Hirao and released on DVD following its success at the Terror Cotta Horror movie marathon part of Terracotta Festival in association with Film Four Frightfest.


An adaptation of the popular manga by Junji Ito, Gyo centers around the "death stench", a revolting smell first encountered in connection with creatures appearing to be bizarre and aggressive mutant fish with scuttling, sharp metal legs.

When Okinawa is taken over by these dangerous, disgusting and disturbing walking fish that are leaving the ocean heading to the cities, Kaori loses contact with her boyfriend and heads to Tokyo to locate him, only to find that the metropolis has been taken over by bigger and bigger killer fish. As she battles her way through the ruined city things get weirder and more dangerous, leading to a finale that must be seen to be believed!

"...a non-stop assault of insane imagery..." –


Takayuki Hirao learned his craft as an anime director under the guidance of Paprika director; Satashi Kon. While in his early twenties, Hirao was entrusted to direct the first episode of Kon’s first and only series, the critically acclaimed Paranoia Agent. Hirao has carved out a name for himself in the past decade as one of the young anime directors to watch out for, becoming known for his over the top action scenes and intense camerawork most notably in massively successful Death Note animated series.

Technical Specifications
Special features:
Interview with Manga master Junji Ito

Horror, 2012
Certificate 15
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese with English subtitles.
Running time: 71 min

About Terracotta:
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Source: Terracotta Distribution
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