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NHK World TV in the UK

Date: 2009 September 20 16:11

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UK based readers who are keen to watch Japanese TV in English, will be pleased to hear that NHK World broadcasts on Satellite. Viewers should tune into Sky Channel 516 or Freesat Channel 209. The channel is included in all Sky Packages.

The channel includes Japanese News, TV shows about Japanese Culture, Business Shows, Tokyo Fashion and lots of other arts.

The full schedule can be found on the NHK World TV Website.

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Shows we recommend include:

Comics, Anime and Games are now a globally popular form of entertainment from Japan. This 30 minute magazine program features Japan's ranking of the most popular titles from each genre. The program also has long interviews with Japan's top creators, as well as delivering information on upcoming related events.

TOKYO EYE introduces contemporary Tokyo from unique angles, from the perspective of visiting and living in this diverse metropolis. The show is presented by Chris Peppler.

digital Stadium
"digital Stadium," also known as "digista" is NHK's popular TV show that invites Japan's new artists to submit a wide range of digital art works for comments and advice from leading professionals active in the field. "digista" is dedicated to supporting and nurturing young artists, helping to create a new visual culture for the digital era.

BEGIN Japanology
BEGIN Japanology will invite you to the world of Japan's culture, both traditional and modern, by explaining historic backgrounds of how such fascinating traditions, culture and lifestyle emerged, and still practiced in people's everyday lives.

cool japan
Some aspects of Japanese customs are considered "cool" by foreigners. The program picks up such aspects and digs into what are thought "cool" from the eyes.

Your Japanese Kitchen
Japanese cuisine has taken the world by storm although most people may not believe they can prepare these feasts at home. Hesitate no longer!
Your Japanese Kitchen provides many easy and fun recipes as well as practical tips for preparing Japanese dishes. Harumi Kurihara, or the "charisma housewife" as she is known in Japan, is our instructor. She shares her way of combining traditional Japanese cooking in today's world.

We suggest you take a look at the NHK World TV Website, to find programmes you would enjoy. They've got such a good selection that will interest fans of Japan, it is after all a Japanese TV station. ^_^

Source: NHK World TV
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