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Everyday Harumi Cook Book Due September 2009

Date: 2009 July 06 16:02

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Fans of Japanese cooking at home should note that Harumi's new book is due for released in September 2009.
It hits the UK on 7th September 2009, while US readers will have to wait a few more days until September 22nd.

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The book covers a wide variety of basic typically Japanese recipes. Harumi thinks you'll be able to create fantastic meals using the simple flavours. The best selling author has sold over 20 million of her books and magazine world wide.

Update: Harumi will be signing books in London at Selfridges Oxford Street on Friday 18th September 2009 from 1.30pm (she will be in the basement book store).

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Press release as follows:

Everyday Harumi
Simple Japanese food for family and friends

By Harumi Kurihara

Published 10th September 2009
By Conran Octopus
Price £20.00 Hardback

Harumi Kurihara will be in London to promote her new book 10th – 18th September

"In this book, I have tried to present a wide variety of basic, typically Japanese recipes and I think you will be able to create fantastic meals using these simple flavours and easy methods."
Harumi Kurihara

Harumi Kurihara's cooking has made the charismatic former housewife a phenomenon in her native Japan. The 'Empress of Domesticity (as the New York Times dubbed her), has sold more than 20 million of her books and magazines worldwide. Her success is rooted in her effortless, down-to-earth and unpretentious approach to stylish living and eating. Her recipes can be made using leftover food or simple store-cupboard ingredients and this has propelled her to a goddess-like status by housewives everywhere.

Everyday Harumi is her third book published in the English language. It selects her favourite foods and presents more than 60 new home-style recipes for you to make for family and friends. Harumi wants everyone to be able to make Japanese food as easily as we can put together a bowl of pasta. Throughout the book she demonstrates just how easy it is to cook her recipes for every day occasions without needing to shop at specialist food stores.

Shot by award-winning photographer Jason Lowe the feeling is warm and approachable and really makes you feel that you can do this at home, any night of the week. Every recipe is photographed and includes beautiful step by steps that show key Japanese cooking techniques.

The book introduces you to the essential Japanese store-cupboard – the staples you need to make effortless Japanese cooking everyday. Rice vinegar, sake, mirin, soy sauce, miso, wasabi, etc will help you create the sauces and dressings in the book which are the cornerstones of most of the recipes. Each section is split by ingredients and includes an array of healthy and delicious dishes, for example Mashed Potato with a Japanese-style Mushroom Sauce; Hot Noodle Soup with Sliced Duck, Salmon and Prawn Fishcakes, Simmered Pork in Crêpes and so on. Elegant, healthy and just as fast as pasta - Harumi's dishes and style of cooking will encourage a new audience to bring a taste of Japan to the table.

Details -
Harumi's first book in Japanese was published in 1989 – twenty years later 95 books

have been published in total and over 20 million copies have been sold.

Her first book in the English language Harumi's Japanese Cooking published by Conran

Octopus in 2004, was named the best cookbook in the world for 2004 by the Gourmand

World Cookbook Awards – this book has been published in French, Spanish and Dutch.

The Harumi name encompasses books, magazines, cafes, restaurant, home-ware stores, food ingredients and beauty products.

Harumi is currently presenting the show Your Japanese Kitchen with NHK World TV and she presents her recipes in English. This show is broadcast in about 80 countries via satellite and cable networks.


'Harumi is the darling of Japanese women because she has shown them it's possible to make simple everyday food while liberating them from the drudgery of orthodox Japanese cookery....the most influential woman in Japan.'
The Herald Weekend Living

'Harumi Kurihara has the sort of culinary status in Japan that Delia Smith enjoys in the UK... demystifying the preparation of Japanese dishes'
Press Association

'Harumi is seen as liberating by the legion of Japanese housewives who admire her.'
The Observer

'...Harumi Kurihara, Japan's answer to Delia Smith...'
The Observer

'...the most likely candidate to fill Martha [Stewart]'s muffin-scented shoes is none other than Japanese cookery queen Harumi Kurihara. Harumi is an unrelenting culinary force in her native land'
The Guardian

'In Japan, Harumi Kurihara inspires excitement and frenzy on the scale of David Beckham She has been known to stop traffic on Tokyo's streets and is regularly mobbed by housewives who are moved to hysterical tears simply by her presence'
Sunday Express


Harumi Kurihara is the best-known cookery writer in Japan, with a public profile similar to that of Delia Smith in the UK.

She was born in Shimoda City in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1947. Harumi's own inspiration derives from her traditional upbringing in a big family. Later, as a full-time housewife and mother and married to Reiji Kurihara, a former TV anchorman, she found her talent to create delicious, simple to prepare, fashionable meals, without great expense. This skill, combined with her eye for simple, beautiful and practical home decoration has made her the most celebrated lifestyle authority in Japan.

Kurihara's powerful popular appeal has seen her sell more than 20 million cookery books and magazines which feature her own recipes, home decoration ideas and lifestyle tips. Her media-friendly charisma has brought her phenomenonal success, based on a down-to-earth, unpretentious approach to stylish living and eating. She has made the traditional Japanese values of elegance and simplicity relevant and accessible to millions. She presents regular cookery programmes on television. Her Yutori no kukan (A space for comfortable living) chain of shops sells her own Kurihara Harumi brand of simple and stylish household items like tableware, home wear and kitchen tools and each has a restaurant where customers can sample her recipes. Currently she has 51 shops in major department stores and 12 cafes and restaurants, all over Japan.

Harumi Kurihara will be in London to promote her new book 10th – 18th

Source: Conran Octopus
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