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Tokyo City Promotion 2009 in London

Date: 2009 January 16 09:10

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London anime fans are a in for a real treat on Saturday 31st January 2009, where a special Tokyo Day will be running. Organised by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Day is set to be packed with tons for otaku to see and do.

The event will be held at Lawrence Hall at the Royal Horticultural Halls and Conference Centre.

Admission is free. It's set to run from 10am to 8pm.

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They've got stage events such as Wadaiko (Japanese drumming), Traditional Nihon buyo Japanese dance, Sankyoku traditional Japanese Music and even a Lion Dance.

Arts and crafts are well represented with the famous Hokusai woodblock print. Plus they'll be demonstration of hanga woodblock printing and tsumami kanzashi (creating flower-like hair ornaments from silk).

They have robots on display too, including i-Sobot, apparently the worlds smallest humanoid robot.

More fun and games are in store with Japanese calligraphy, origami and traditional Japanese toys (think the wood and hand crafted kind, not robot toys ^_-).

You can even take part in a Tea Ceremony too!

For those interested in visiting Tokyo, they've got a Panel Exhibition, which includes and introduction to Tokyo's transport system, festivals museums tourist attractions and city views. Akihabara gets good coverage too for those wanting to visit the otaku heartland.

The anime line up looks promising with:

  • Master Hamsters 10:10-10:40

  • My Three Daughters 10:50-11:20

  • HONEINU-KUN 11:30-11:49


  • Net Ghost PIPOPA 12:30-13:00

  • Mega Man Star Force 13:10-13:40

  • MAR 13:50-14:20

  • COLUBOCCORO 14:30-15:02

  • ASTRO BOY episode 'The Girl from Alsora' 15:15-15:39

  • AMURI IN STAR OCEAN 15:50-16:20

  • BLACK JACK 16:30-17:20


  • MAR 18:00-18:30

  • HONEINU-KUN 18:40-18:59

  • ASTRO BOY episode 'The Girl from Alsora' 19:10-19:34

We're not sure if it's subbed or dubbed, but taking an educated guess it'll probably be subtitled.

As this event is only open for one day we suggest you get over there if you can. As it's free no booking is required which is a rare treat for London based fans of Japan.

Source: Tokyo City Promotion 2009
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