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London Anime Club to Close Doors

Date: 2008 October 10 15:57

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No, unfortunately not a cruel April Fools joke, David "Dragon" Cotterill has announced that there will be no further regular meetings of the London Anime Club. Although rumours of quarterly or possible anniversary meeting abound, nothing concrete has been set and there are no entries in the event schedule after the meeting on December 7th, which can probably be considered the last one.

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This announcement has been some time in coming since Dragon arranged the "Future of the LAC" meeting, where he asked for comments and discussed the role of the LAC today and if it was still necessary, and many argued that it still was. However with the shifting to bi-monthly meeting and consistently low turnout to them, presumably Dragon felt that there was no real need for the LAC as a meeting point. It has long been known that other events such as the London Expo and various conventions have hit the attendance numbers at the LAC, and with the proliferation of broadband and fansubs people no longer have to travel for their anime fix. This coupled with anime and manga being sold in mainstream shops and online stores, has caused the number of people who turn up every month to plummet.

Many of us here at Otaku News are regular attendees at the LAC and we are sorry to hear of the clubs demise, however there is still the December meeting left and we hope that all of the regulars, both past and present will come along and give this fine institution the send-off it so richly deserves!

Source: Otaku News
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