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Akira gets bad press

Date: 2008 January 21 22:06

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A Sun article on the case regarding Meredith Kercher's death last November points out that suspect Raffaele Sollecito has the words "AKIRAFUGA" as his computer's password.

"The court was told the password for his computer is AKIRAFUGA. Akira is a character in violent sado-masochistic Manga comics.

Fuga is Italian for flee. One Akira story relates how the 'hero' ran after trying to rape students.

Sollecito was remanded in custody. "

I think some further analagy is needed on the term "akira" here...

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Firstly, it's Tetsuo, not Akira who plays as a violent sado-masochist in the famous Akira 1989 movie. Secondly, Akira is as common as Paul, John or Jack for a boy's name in Japan. The suspect could have sourced that name from anywhere, any manga even.

While we're on the subject, "fuga" does means to escape, or even to fly. In Akira, the character Akira was held captive as a human experiment in the manga, who was abused and locked away in secrecy for years. He was eventually unearthed by the power-hungry Tetsuo, leading to an ambigous ending that could possibly mean the evolution of human life itself.

Dig a little deeper, detective!

Source: The Sun Online
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