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United Publications to Exit Anime and Manga Retail Market

Date: 2023 December 06 17:22

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The goods folks from retailers United Publications have sent us news that they're to retire from the anime and manga retail market.

The UK based retailers and publishers were a regular fixture at UK anime conventions, they also had a presence at the MCM London Comic Con. You may remember them for their bold yellow banners with black text similar to a warning sign. They were a popular source of import anime DVDs and later blu-rays, but also had a big selection of manga and figures.

Anime fans of a certain generation will remember them fondly from the London Anime Club (which ran until 2008) as one of the main two retailers there. Fans would places orders to collect at the club and discover new titles over the dealers table and enthusiastically trade recommendations.

However change and reconciliation in the market has made anime and manga retail impractical for them and they've slowly started to wind down that side of the business.

We're told you should check their website for bargains, as MVM has given them some nice discounts on all titles as they reduce stock for the new year.

Full Story

Details as follows:

United Publications

It is with some sadness that we must tell you that United Publications will be retiring from the Anime/Manga retail market at the end of 2023.
Partly due to MANY changes in Anime/Manga market (Not all for the better).

For over twenty five years we have supported our customers, providing all the newest and best in Anime and Manga titles.

So much has changed over those years, Anime has grown from fan subbed VHS Video Tapes and photocopied fanzines to the huge industry it is today. We like to think we played a small part in growing the Fandom, even if the real credit goes to you.

What was once hard to find is now easy to get, show's can be streamed direct to your screen, titles ordered direct from UK Publishers and there are now more Manga titles being announced than it's possible to ever read.

It's time for us to make a change as well.

United Publications will not be gone, we will continue our publishing and moving on to new Manga projects.

We want to thank you all who have supported us over the years

Source: United Publications
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