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End of the London Anime Club?

Date: 2007 September 04 06:29

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Attending the London Anime Club on Sunday 2nd of September 2007, we read in their monthly news letter a cause for concern. It seems attendance has been dropping recently and it means that they might not be able to hire out the venue they use, as a result the London Anime Club is considering closing at the end of the year.

"...with the massive surge in anime popularity over the last few years, the thriving online community and the many conventions and events every year I can't help wondering if perhaps the LAC is no longer needed."

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The London Anime Club has been running for 14 years now. If it keeps running the decision it seems will be down to attendance, so if you can, go on the first Sunday of the month to keep it running!

The Otaku News Crew believe that this is a sign of fatigue for anime fans. Lots of new events have sprung up in London for fans to do, such as the London Expo, the Japan Expo, several new conventions around the country, film screenings and so, as a result many anime fans have less time and money to go to all the events, so the London Anime Club (being a monthly event and not a once a year or seasonal event like the others) is bound to have an attendance drop if people assume they can go to the next one, along with people arranging on forums to meet up in London instead of at the LAC. We hope that the London Anime Club can continue, as we do enjoy going, and have made a lot of friends there and met interesting people, and used it to network and meet other organisations that would be hard to meet elsewhere.

Source: London Anime Club
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