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Tunnel to Summer, The Exit of Goodbyes Wins Paul Grimault Award at the Annecy International Film Festival

Date: 2023 June 21 19:43

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The good folks from anime distributors Anime Limited have just sent us news that the movie Tunnel to Summer, The Exit of Goodbyes has just won the Paul Grimault Award at this years Annecy International Film Festival.

The film tells the tale of teenagers Kaoru and Anzu who stumble upon a mysterious tunnel. Angst and adventure follow.

The movie is due to hit the UK and Ireland next month from 14th July 2023. Tickets are on sale now take a look at for more details.

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Press release as follows:


The Tunnel to Summer, The Exit of Goodbyes
©2022 Mei Hachimoku, Shogakukan/The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes Film Partners

Inspired by the award-winning novel of the same name, the bittersweet sci-fi romance opens exclusively in cinemas from 14th July

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 21 JUNE 2023 Anime Limited are delighted to announce that their upcoming Sci-Fi romance film The Tunnel to Summer, Exit of Goodbyes has been awarded the Paul Grimault Award, one of the top prizes handed out by the Jury at this year's Annecy International Film Festival.

The award, given in honour of the legendary director Paul Grimault, continues the film's success on the festival circuit, where it has wowed audiences at Scotland Loves Anime 2022, Ireland's Japan Film Festival, and the Tokyo International Film Festival. Anime Limited is releasing the film in cinemas across the United Kingdom and Ireland from 14th July 2023, and in France later this year.

Inspired by the award-winning novel of the same name and directed by Tomohisa Taguchi (BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War), this whirlwind time-travelling tale of summer love tells the story of Kaoru and Anzu, two misfit teenagers who come together to investigate a mysterious tunnel that is said to grant the wishes of whoever ventures through it - at a precious cost. Together, they must realise what it is they truly wish for, and whether it's worth the price.



One summer morning before school, Kaoru hears an unsettling rumour - of a mysterious tunnel that can grant any wish to those who enter it, but ages them dramatically in exchange. At first, he writes it off as nothing more than an urban legend, but that very night, he happens upon the same passage: the Urashima Tunnel. As he stands before its gaping maw, a thought occurs to him: if this tunnel truly does have the power to grant any wish, could he use it to bring his younger sister back from her untimely death five years prior?

Yet when he returns to explore the tunnel the next day, he finds he's been followed by the new girl in class: a total enigma by the name of Anzu. She takes an interest in Kaoru, and they agree to work together to investigate the time-twisting tunnel and uncover its mysteries. Together, they might achieve their deepest desires...but are they prepared for what it may cost them?

The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes is releasing in cinemas across the UK and Ireland from 14th July 2023, and in France later this year.

The film will be shown in Japanese with English subtitles. For more information and to book tickets, please visit

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Source: Tunnel to Summer, The Exit of Goodbyes Website
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