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Pantopia - Figure and Animation Project

Date: 2022 September 04 14:14

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We've just been sent some details about Plantopia a collaboration between Japan's anime figurine makers - Good Smile Company, Max Factory - and anime producers Twin Engine (with credits that include Vinland Saga).

Plantopia is set to be a figure driven anime series, with lots to offer fans who like collecting detailed figures.
They've set up a Kickstarter so you can read more and make a contribution if you like.

Full Story

Press release as follows:


An Original figure & animation project

Our Team

Thank you for checking our project. We are Twin Engine , an animation production studio from Tokyo. Our project began when LAM and our producer were having a conversation about doing a figure project together. The project started with just two people, and nobody knew whether it would be realized or not. Eventually Kukka and Nozomu Kuoka joined in, and surprisingly the project started to take shape. Good Smile Company and Max Factory recognized and responded to our passion and efforts that everyone had put into this project, and we were able to embody it to the point where we could present it to everyone. This time, we need supporters who can assist us. We established a crowdfunding on Kickstarter, so that everyone's support could be reflected in our project. In this announcement, we will be revealing a glimpse of the world of Plantopia. With your extensive support, we hope to develop not only figures, but also manga, anime, games and more. We want you to enjoy the extensive world of Plantopia in different formats. Thank you for all your kind support.

Character designer LAM

Japanese illustrator. He designs characters for games, anime and Vtubers. Works: takt op. / TECHNOROID/DYSCHRONIA: CA / ZONe

Concept artist Kukka
Japanese illustrator. She designs characters and concept arts for games and anime. Works: D_CIDE TRAUMEREI/Tokyo game show 2022 main illustration

Animation director Yuki Igarashi
Japanese animation director. Works: Star Wars: Visions' 'Lop & Ocho'

Scenario Nozomu Kuoka
Japanese novelist and scenario writer. Works: TECHNOROID

Figure maker Good Smile Company

Figure maker Max Factory

Animation production Twin Engine


Plantopia is an original project that brings together figures and animation based on works by LAM, Kukka and Nozomu Kuoka. The purpose of this crowdfunding campaign is to support the production of high-end, high-quality figures and a future anime production. Illustrator LAM will be in charge of creating figure designs and Good Smile Company will be in charge of figure production. For animation projects, we are first planning to produce a music video featuring Mafumafu. The music video will be directed by Yuki Igarashi and produced by Twin Engine.

Our Project Spotlight

1 This is an original animation project with high-end figures as its core.
2 We will share the production process with backers and fans, turning the production process itself into content for fans to enjoy.

This project has been jointly developed by Good Smile Company and Twin Engine starting from the character development stage with the goal of creating content that can be enjoyed through both figures and anime.

Second, our goal is to make sure that even the production process is enjoyable for fans. For example, many original animation projects simply end after airing over one or two seasons, even if the project took several years to produce. In order to create original figures and anime that can be enjoyed by fans for a long time, we are launching this project straight from the development stage, allowing users to enjoy the production process itself as content as well. First, we will be posting updates regarding the production process of the figure purchased by supporters of the project, as well as the music video-planned to be released in October-on Discord and Twitter.


The main reward is a high-end figurine designed by LAM and produced by Good Smile Company.

Our other rewards are the material book, the storyboard book and the key frame book of the Plantopia promotion video, and the acrylic Bookmark and the book jacket cover of the Plantopia.


Source: Plantopia Website
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