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New manga shop opens in London

Date: 2007 February 20 13:39

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Hidden away just around the corner from Leicester Square and short walk from Covent Garden, on Upper Saint Martin's Lane is Orbital Manga, a new little manga shop from the same people behind Orbital Comics on Charing Cross Road. Although Orbital Manga is small, it's worth looking around and is a refreshing change from comic shops that stock some manga. They've got a good range of manga and the usual selection of merchandise and trinkets.

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Update: Orbital Manga has now closed. It's sister store Orbital Comics now stocks manga.

Update: We've created a London Anime and Manga Shopping Guide, listing other useful shops in London.

We've also updated this article adding some photos of the store. We asked the shop's manager if we could take photos and they gave us permission. The shop was actually fairly busy when we went in there, but we were able to take photos with people out of shot. To see bigger versions of the images below simply click on them.

Orbital Manga shop front in London
The Orbital Manga shop front in London.

Orbital Manga artbooks and other publications
Here is a selection of artbook, magazines and other publications they sell in shop, basically they do sell a small amount of American comic books too.

Orbital Manga display case
At the back of the shop is a display case full of special goodies.

Orbital Manga rows of manga
Here is one of the many rows of manga sold in the shop.

Source: Upper Saint Martin\'s Lane
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