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About Otaku News

Otaku News is a website dedicated to news for fans of Japan, covering anime, manga, cool technology and other things of interest to the modern Otaku.

Instead of calling the site something like Anime News something or other, we wanted to select a name that also emphasises that the site covers more than anime. Hence Otaku News - News For Fans Of Japan.

In anime fandom the word otaku is used with some controversy, in this context it was originally used to describe socially inept nerds who are obsessed with one thing in particular (anime, manga, pop stars, whatever).

Some people wear the name otaku with a great sense of pride, others see it as an insult as many Japanese people would. It's like calling someone a loser (only ruder). This site uses it as a tongue-in-cheek word, yes we know what it means, and the negative associations, and so we certainly don't consider ourselves otaku!

We've been running Otaku News for 20 years now. Our team has met and interviewed all kinds of influential people in the anime and manga industry. If you're interested in sending us a press release, working together to create some great content, or even joining our team then please do contact us.

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