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Links We Like Archive

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G4 likes Wii
Date: 2006 September 10th Sunday [8:49] | Posted By: Azure
G4 decide to make a PS3 versus Wii advert, hmm wonder who they like best?

Otaku Hazard
Date: 2006 July 5th Wednesday [10:44] | Posted By: Azure
Join our gun wielding hero as he wades into an Otaku lair looking for pr0n. Forget zombies this is scary!

Monkey Island: The Stage Play
Date: 2006 July 3rd Monday [11:03] | Posted By: Azure
Whilst not exactly J-culture it is based on a video game and a good one too. This link is really here for the sole reason that we wish we got to do things like this at school.

Graphics Tablet Fun
Date: 2006 May 4th Thursday [14:22] | Posted By: Joe
Webcomics are great. I frequently read Applegeeks, and Gabe at Penny Arcade wanted to see some footage of Hawk (the Applegeek artist) drawing on his lovely Wacom Cintiq, it's basically a combination of a graphics tablet and a monitor. After watching the videos, I know our more artistic readers are drooling and probably want one! I want one and I can't draw to save my life!

In Real Game
Date: 2006 March 28th Tuesday [13:12] | Posted By: Azure
Andreas Wieslander's awesome Thesis on promoting games through their feel rather than graphics. Why is this so awesome? to illustrate he's set up a real life version of a Parappa the Rapper Track!

Lego Otaku
Date: 2006 March 26th Sunday [15:22] | Posted By: Joe
Many anime fans collect and build model kits, but this guy takes it to the next level, building his own anime mechs from Lego! We'd love to buy his Fuchikoma model. The mech designs he has are actually better than the official Lego anime inspired Exo-Force.

Date: 2006 March 19th Sunday [16:19] | Posted By: Azure
A site charting the misuse of Chinese characters across the world. What's most worrying is the amount of people who tattoo characters onto their skin without checking.

Ask Ninja
Date: 2006 March 11th Saturday [15:01] | Posted By: Azure
Don't know something about Ninjas? Ask the ninja and he may just make a ninja video about it.

Date: 2006 February 27th Monday [5:19] | Posted By: Azure
A comics blog by an artist living in Tokyo, the artist will do comics on request for people eager to find out more about Japan.

Godzilla V Tamogotchi
Date: 2006 February 4th Saturday [13:55] | Posted By: Azure
Silly little game where you play as Godzilla on a faux Tamogotchi, your job is too kill as many of the pooping pets as you can. Though we here at ON ask who'd want to kill something that cute, not you surely?

Flash Flash Revolution
Date: 2006 January 27th Friday [10:21] | Posted By: Azure
It's DDR for free, in flash!

Falalala Pocky
Date: 2005 December 3rd Saturday [17:28] | Posted By: Azure
How much did they get paid to prance around to the song which seems to only go falalala pocky? We don't know but we like Pocky.

Tokyo Girl
Date: 2005 November 14th Monday [18:16] | Posted By: Joe
This blog is written by a British expat and follows her adventures in Tokyo. She's got a flair for writing and it's interesting to see her take on modern Japan With it's good mix of humour this is blog could easily be a magazine column from the quality of the writing.

Grow Cube
Date: 2005 October 4th Tuesday [18:24] | Posted By: Joe
Some things are both crazy and addictive. Grow Cube is one of them. Basically you click on the object to add to the cube, it will then interact with the other objects already on the cube and grow, if placed in the correct order it will trigger off other events. The object of the game is to get all the items to their maximum level. Really simple yet highly addictive. From the same lunatic that brought you the Original Grow Game and Grow RPG.

Date: 2005 September 7th Wednesday [17:05] | Posted By: Joe
A site with rather strange paper robots wrestlers, quite strange and amusing.

The Penny Arcade Remix Project
Date: 2005 June 17th Friday [13:30] | Posted By: Azure
An English teacher in Japan tries to make English fun by letting his students fill in the gaps of blanked out strips from popular web comic Penny Arcade, a mixture of the downright funny to the utterly bizarre.

Google Gulp!
Date: 2005 April 1st Friday [11:59] | Posted By: Azure
It's the drink of the future! With a variety such as 'Glutamate Grape' how could we resist?! The future is now.

I Am a Japanese High School Teacher
Date: 2005 March 25th Friday [15:40] | Posted By: Azure
Ever get the urge to join JET? Teach in Japan? Learn about Japanese school kids? One teacherís experiences, the stuff JET orientation doesnít mention.

Date: 2005 March 24th Thursday [12:24] | Posted By: Azure
Everyone loves kitty plushies right? Cute gag web comic, full of plushies, aliens, ninjas , anime and stargate jokes.

Date: 2005 February 22nd Tuesday [14:49] | Posted By: Joe
Like J-pop? Check out Nippop for features and profiles on Japanese artists. Although this sites only been running since January 1, 2005 it is very professonal, it's run by the former CEO of Tower Records Japan, the general managaer at the Tokyo office of YesAsia.com along with the author of Nippon Pop! JapanToday explain more about the people behind the site.

Sushi Flash Disks
Date: 2005 January 19th Wednesday [14:19] | Posted By: Spike
USB flash disks that are shaped just like some of your favorite Sushi dishes. Available in a wide range of sizes and 'flavours', just don't mix them up with the real thing!

Spirited Away Cosplay
Date: 2005 January 18th Tuesday [18:12] | Posted By: Joe
Some Cosplayers just standout from the rest, this cosplayer of Sen looks just like her! It really is a good costume and match for the character. The Haku cosplay also looks pretty convincing! The same cosplayer also makes a very good Chiyo-chan from Azumanga Daioh!

Sushi Racers
Date: 2004 November 24th Wednesday [17:32] | Posted By: Joe
You've always been told it's wrong to play with you food right? Well with this little Flash site you can! It's similar to the classic video game (which in turn is based on a toy franchise) MicroMachines. Drive carefully now! ^_-

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki
Date: 2004 November 14th Sunday [16:01] | Posted By: Azure
A magical girl webcomic with a difference! Yuuki a magical fanboy (you read it right) is transformed into a magical girl... Full colour, with great humour and an odd (yet amazingly effective) hybrid of Japanese, Norse and Western culture!

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi
Date: 2004 October 18th Monday [16:19] | Posted By: Joe
A great doujinshi (that's fan manga for those who aren't yet otaku) based on the hit Cartoon Network TV show. It focuses on the girls who have now grown up a bit and have just entered first grade.

Sweatdrop Webcomics
Date: 2004 September 22nd Wednesday [13:54] | Posted By: Joe
Sweatdrop Studios are happy to offer a range of their titles available to read online for free. Some of these titles are early issues of existing series, while others are a complete series of older comics.

The Narutrix
Date: 2004 August 23rd Monday [17:37] | Posted By: Joe
A Matrix Spoof trailer using Naruto footage, premiered at AmeCon 2004, it won first place in the AMV competition and rightfully so. Watch it! It's dead funny and worth the download.

Orisinal Flash Games
Date: 2004 August 9th Monday [13:46] | Posted By: Joe
This site has a great collection of calming and highly addictive flash games. My favourite is the Duck Pond one. Thanks to Emily Adamo over at AppleGeeks for mentioning this site on her blog panel.

The Wackier World of Japanese Ice Cream
Date: 2004 August 5th Thursday [16:58] | Posted By: Joe
This feature boldly proclaims a warning - "Strong stomach required to view this photo gallery", read about the culinary delights of Raw Horseflesh Ice Cream, Goat Ice Cream (yes GOAT, not goat's milk) and even Deep Sea Water Ice Cream to name a few!

PC Ezbake
Date: 2004 August 4th Wednesday [14:52] | Posted By: Azure
Surely every otaku's dream add on (apart from those creepy things from Chobits). You can now bake cookies and watch DVDs without moving. It's like having your own magical girl! Or not...

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