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FUNimation™ Productions, Ltd. is a brand management company and one of the nation's largest independent home video entertainment companies. What exactly does that mean, you ask? Well, it means that we manage all aspects of our brands and our business model allows us to do it all in-house.

At FUNimation, we are focused on providing the best in quality entertainment series primarily targeted to children and young adults, and each of our departments plays a specific role in the management of the brand. Our Production department produces the high-quality home video releases for each of our properties; our Licensing department is devoted to developing and securing merchandising agreements with large companies in regions throughout the world; our Internet department designs, creates and maintains Websites for each of our properties; Our Home Video department makes sure our home video releases are available at large retailers, including mass retailers, nationwide; and our full-service Marketing department handles all advertising, promotions, public relations, grassroots and fanbase marketing for each of our properties.

We have a proven formula for launching and advancing brands. Through collaborative business partnerships with Atari, 4Kids Entertainment, JAKKS Pacific, Inc., SCORE Entertainment, and Cartoon Network, FUNimation has become one of the leading brand management companies in the industry.

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