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Ghost Hunt

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Released by: Tanoshimi

Publishing Country: UK

Author: Shiho Inada, Fuyumi Ono

Age Rating: 13+

Page Count: 208

ISBN-13: 978009950662

ISBN-10: 99506629

Ghost Hunt


Volume 8 sees the start of a brand new case for SPR. Whenever the Yoshimi family home and restaurant change hands horrible things happen. Another family member has died so it is time for the property to change hands once again. Mysterious marks appear on the back of one of the Yoshimi children as member’s of the household undergo strange personality changes.


It’s business as usual as SPR are called into action once again, this time the supernatural affliction of choice is possession as members of the Yoshimi family begin to act strangely. It seems whatever strange force is effecting members of the family directly by possessing them, including two of the children Katsuki and Wakako. Both children are acting extremely secretly and will only talk to each other, what’s worse is that their mother has seemingly stopped caring indicating she may also be effected. The members of SPR try an exorcism but it goes badly wrong, infecting one of their own. Once again a SPR member’s life is on the line as well as their clients.

After the high point of volume seven, it seems that once again Ghost Hunt is settling into something of a routine. Most of the events in this volume have a parallel with previous Ghost Hunt stories. There are some nice touches of course, the use of possessed children is a horror classic and is often used in Asian horror.

Ghost Hunt seems to be at it’s best when the story is near the climax, it’s a shame that cases have to run over several volumes. I suspect compacting one story into each volume would have a much better manga

Rating: 6/10

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