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Terratag London Exhibition - 'Pornograffiti'

Date: 2004 September 29 17:49

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We've just got an e-mail from Paul over at Terratag. Terratag t-shirts have been sold at most of the UK anime conventions and Paul even had a stall at the Japanese Food Festival in London this August.

Terratag are also very naughty and as a result, I've always debated if I should add them to the Pirate Anime FAQ. The more astute otaku will know there is a range of Terratag t-shirts with Gundam designs on, Terratag have not paid for a license from Bandai to use any Gundam images, or their likeness. Technically this is a copyright violation, and that generally flags them as a bootlegger. This could land Paul in trouble with Bandai's lawyers, and he could face a hefty fine at least.

Anyway, Paul wanted to point out that he's holding an art exhibition at the Notting Hill Arts Club, his show runs until November 1st, he helpfully points out on the night of October 4th there are going to be 4 scratch DJ's from Tokyo playing live. The crew is called En and features Mc Raita with Dj's Jif Rock, Kiccio and Kaitaro. There will also be a jazz/hip-hop dance crew. So fans of the Japanese music scene will want to get over there!

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Press Release Bellow (original was uncensored)

PORNOGRAFFITI - The Joy of Text.
Terratag takes the spirit of Japan and f***s it up, twisting Japanese themes into a unique graphic vocabulary. Mutating and originating a truly innovative Anglo-Japanese hybrid.

Until now, graffiti art has been Hip-Hop based, only using the western alphabet. I look east for my inspiration and, in doing so, have added a new dialect to the genre of graffik art.

Primarily a showcase of typographic experimentation, fun and mayhem, Pornograffiti is an inspired mix of Porno, Wild Style Graffiti, Tagging, Manga, Samurai B-Boys and Tattooed Japanese B-Girls.

Pornograffiti will run until November 1st at the Notting Hill Arts Club, London, UK.


Paul is a Japaholic. His addiction started at the age of 16 with the release of Sigue Sigue Sputnik's ‘Flaunt it', its sleeve emblazoned with Japanese text and dominated by a giant robot. Once hooked it was all to easy to get sucked in... Japanese comics, magazines, films and pop... The imagination, the style, the imagery blowing his mind.

Born in 1970 and brought up in Yorkshire, Paul moved to London in 1989, to study Graphics at Kingston University. Within a few months of leaving University he started Prototype 21. At Prototype 21 he was responsible for the creative output, which included graphic design and illustration contracts and creating the T-shirt brand Prototype 21, the forerunner to Terratag. Most of the contract work was music related and past clients include Andrew Weatherall, Aphex Twin, Global Communication, Orbital, Warp Records and more recently Wagamama, Harvey Nichols and Production IG animation studios in Japan.

Since 2002 Paul has concentrated his efforts on Terratag. This year saw Paul working more on art projects including the creation of canvases, photographic prints and the exhibiting thereof. Paul is also part of the collective which is presently exhibiting at Harvey Nichols.
Terratag T-shirts and canvases are now available at selected retail stores throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and online.

Source: Terratag
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