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Tomo Dachi Northern Irish Anime Covention Coming Soon

Date: 2006 May 11 14:27

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Those good people at Tomo-Dachi have just sent us there latest press release, it contains more details about the Northern Irish convention set for 7th July to 9th July. Highlight's include US guests Tiffany Grant and Matt Greenfield, they'll both provide an interesting insight into the anime industry. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons anime and manga expert Jonathan Clements had to pull out, but has promised to attend the 2007 Tomo-Dachi.

The convention also promises a great selection of panels, workshops and other cool anime events. They'll also be playing a selection of traditional Japanese games such as Go and Shogi . Booking closes on May 30th, so get moving if you're interested! ^_^

Full Story

Londonderry, Northern Ireland. 11 May 2006. Last minute bookings, special talks and panel events! Tomo-Dachi Anime Convention, due to take place on July 7-9th of this year announces more to its events listings and the eve of its accommodation booking system closing.

In Tomo-Dachi’s first press release we announced that Jonathan Clements, Author and Translator, would be joining us along with Stateside guests Tiffany Grant and Matt Greenfield. Unfortunately I feel it is important to start with the bad news.

Jonathan Clements, for personal reasons has had to pull out of Tomo-Dachi. Mr Clements has offered his sincerest apologies to everyone at the convention and hopes that he will be able to attend our 2007 event. We too are sorry that Mr Clements will not be joining us as planned but the show must go on.

Moving on, we at Tomo-Dachi would like to apologies for the problems many of you may have experienced with our website. Server problems have forced complete reconstruction twice now, but rest assured we are now on a new and hopefully securer server. Please, for the moment at least over look misspelling and broken images on the site as we get it back in operation.

Tomo-Dachi will be offering a new insight into Anime’ that we’ve all seen before. Excel Saga and Godannar. Director Matt Greenfield and voice actress Tiffany Grant will be offering their inside knowledge on the series’ and there production in the recording studios of ADV Huston, Texas. These will be one off commentaries and WILL NOT be available on DVD’s in the future so be sure not to miss them.

Question Time. We’ve all seen BBC’s political debate program but now its time to put our guests under the spotlight and see what we can get out of them! Hard Questions about the Anime scene are yours to give to the people who know! We put Jonathan Clements, Tiffany Grant, Matt Greenfield, Jerome Mazandarani, Paul Cosgrove and Hugh David on this very special panel where you decide the questions.

Dubs. Webmaster and mastermind behind the Anime NI website (aNIme) will be offering his own presentation at Tomo-Dachi on dubs and why he feels they are not as bad as many anime fans seem to thing. Perhaps their even better?

Panels. A whole array of panels will be coving subjects of interest at Tomo-Dachi, and although the subjects are ready to be announced we can offer you a inside look at one of our unique panel events, the All Ireland Panel. At Tomo-Dachi we are going to be running a special panel bringing representatives of anime clubs and websites from all over Ireland together in this unique panel event. There will be discussions on the Anime scene on the island, and there may even be some help to new clubs and groups.

Mecha in an hour. Don’t have the time to create a costume for Tomo-Dachi? Well not all is lost as you can join in in Mecha in an hour. You have the materials, your imagination and an hour to create your own Mecha costume! Prizes for the winners and of course you will be free to take part in Cosplay events, like Cosplay Theatre, Cosplay chess, and the Cosplay catwalk.

Throughout the weekend Tomo-Dachi will also be offering a something special. One of the important things for us to do is to give a flavour of Japan with Tomo and the gaming is no exception. We have bought in special traditional games in from Japan for you to learn and play. Go, Shogi, MahJong and Dai Wa Sek are a few of the confirmed games. Along side with there will be a selection of Western board games, from Chess to Risk. A Full tomo-Dachi events listing has gone live on our website and forums so be sure to see whats happening!
PLEASE REMEMBER, the Tomo-Dachi Accommodation booking system is due to close on May 30th so make sure you get yourself booked before then or you may have to look for your own place to stay :)

The Mandatory Information:
If you want to book for Tomo-Dachi remember the Accommodation booking system will close on May 30th and Please keep in mind that the closer to the event you book flights the more expensive they will become!

Entry for the whole weekend is just £20, with accommodation (En-suite) at £25 for the first night and £20 for each additional night. Ie, two nights accommodation + entry would be £65. More details are on, including our online booking system.

About Tomo-Dachi and DAMA:
DAMA was founded in 2004 to bring anime and manga to the North-West of Northern Ireland, but has managed to appeal much further in its two year lifespan. 2005 marked the first Tomo-Dachi convention, which surpassed all expectations for both the staff and attendees. TD06 will be the largest anime event in Ireland’s history, with three days of events and guests from the US and UK in attendance. More information is available at

Source: Tomo Dachi
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