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J-Pop Go February - The Lurve Is Go

Date: 2006 February 02 17:57

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The nice folks from J-Pop go have just sent us the details for their February event, this time it's at a new venue, the Cafe Manga (near to the London Eye, which is a great location). Set for Saturday February 11th tickets are available via the J-Pop Go Website. It seems they've also teamed up with evil games company Ubisoft, "Why are they evil we hear you cry?", well the answers simple Ubisoft distribute the most addictive game ever on the PSP - Lumines, a game so truly hypnotic it will suck days of your life in the blink of an eye. ^_- They've also teamed up with ADV Films UK for some goodies

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Details as follows:

The next J-Pop Go takes place on Saturday February 11th at our new venue of Cafe Manga (near to the London Eye) on the South Bank.

J-Pop Go will be sponsored by both Ubisoft and ADV Films. The next event will serve as the UK launch party for two new Ubisoft games: Drakengard 2 and Tales Of Eternia.

People attending J-Pop Go will get a chance to play some of these games at the venue itself - plus we'll be running competitions both on the night and also on the website - and in the forthcoming J-Pop Go magazine. You'll have an opportunity to win some great prizes from Ubisoft including a PSP, a PS2 and copies of both Tales of Eternia and Drakengard 2. Check the Competition page on our website for details.

You'll also get a chance to view two new anime titles care of ADV: Elfen Lied is a gripping, bloody adventure with more limb-breaking, muscle-tearing, blood-spurting action than you can shake a stick at. Also available is the critically-acclaimed thriller Boogiepop Phantom. You'll also be able to win copies of those titles both at the event and via the J-Pop Go website.

Meanwhile, the J-Pop Go website has a nice new Valentine's Day splash page and there's a few subtle changes here and there. There's a new downloadable Desktop and there's also a new Poll tackling the tricky subject of what you enjoy doing most at J-Pop Go. ^_^

Tickets for the next J-Pop Go on Saturday February 11th are available via the website:

Source: J-Pop Go
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