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South Bank Show Anime Special

Date: 2006 January 26 18:30

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The Folks at Manga Entertainment UK have sent us a press release about an anime special South Bank Show, which is due to air on Sunday 19th of February. Some researchers for the South Bank Show even made the steps of visiting the London Anime Club to get the low down from British anime fans. Interestingly enough the press release also has some details about Jonathan Ross' recent Asian Invasion, stating that it got over 310,000 viewers, a BBC4 record (it's now clear however if this figure is for just the first screening of the show, or if the repeat screened later in the week is included too).

ITV4 will also be screening the original Ghost In The Shell movie on Saturday 4th March (we belive it's the dub version), so if you haven't seen it yet catch it!

Full Story

Press release as follows:



The brand new series of ITV's South Bank Show will feature an Anime special on Sunday 19th February.

Amongst the classic anime films and TV shows that will be covered are the original Ghost In The Shell and the brand new sequel GITS2: Innocence, to be released on DVD by Manga Entertainment on 27th February.

The SBS team will go behind the scenes and interview someof the key players on the Japanese industry including Matsuhisa Ishikawa, the Producer of Innocence and Stand Alone Complex.

In addition to the South Bank Show exclusive, ITV4 will also be airing the original Ghost In The Shell film (English language version) on Saturday 4th March. This follows on from the extremely successful "Jonathan Ross's Asian Invasion" Japan special, which captured the attention of over 310,000 viewers - a BBC4 ratings record.

Akira, GITS and GITS2: Innocence had over a quarter of the entire program dedicated to them with particular attention being paid to Innocence.

"It is one of the most beautiful films you will ever see."
Jonathan Ross of Innocence

Source: Manga Entertainment UK
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