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Matt Greenfield to Appear At Tomo-Dachi

Date: 2006 January 10 14:54

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The folks from Tomo-Dachi have just sent us their latest press release, which reveals that Matt Greenfield will be one of the guests. Matt Greenfield is best known to anime fans as the co-founder of ADV Films, and has directed the dubbing of Neon Genesis Evangelion (making sure that "Father I hate you!" sounds just right! ^_-).

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Press release as follows:


January 9th 2006. Londonderry, N.Ireland - Matt Greenfield, director, actor and co-founder of ADV Films has just been announced as the latest in a long line of guests who will be attending this years Tomo-Dachi Anime Convention from July 7th to 9th 2006 in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. He joins Tiffany Grant, Jonathan Clements and a whole host of industry guests at Northern Ireland’s only anime convention.

Matt is best known for his work directing the English language version of ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’, but has worked on dozens of titles since. He has been further in the public eye for his informative commentaries on the Evangelion Platinum DVDs. His latest project, Godannar, is one of the first ADV titles recorded with multiple voice actors per session.

Back in 1991 he was the co-founder of AD Vision Films, the largest anime distribution company outside Japan, and currently holds the position of Vice President with the company.

Tomo-Dachi 2006: Northern Ireland’s biggest anime event
Along with these guests, Tomo-Dachi will be offering a whole host of new events. The TD Committee is proud to announce the ‘Golden Asuka’ Awards, given to cosplayers who prove the best in their field during the spectacular Cosplay Theatre. Join the theatre with a friend, and show the rest of the Con what you can do to walk away with the most coveted award of the year!

The ‘Artists Gallery’ is the place for artists to unleash their potential. Draw, sketch, paint, colour and do them all on your own terms. We will supply everything, from the expected paper and pencils to canvases for painting and several fully functional PC’s for computer drawing and colouring! Not a fan of drawing or painting? Then why not be artistic in another way? Leave your mark on the Tomo-Dachi community board, a canvas like no other, were you don’t need to be DaVinci to contribute.

Tomo-Dachi’s booking system is now open and ready to take your bookings! Worried about getting to Northern Ireland? Well don’t be, our comprehensive guide will lay out the whole journey for you, from over twenty cities across the UK via road, train, ferry or plane!

All the excitement getting to you? Tomo-Dachi will be offering Tai-Chi classes from local trained expert Laurence McMinn. No matter your age, gender or weight, join in and see why so many others have been learning this ancient art. To get your heart rate back in check, why not check out one of our sword demonstrations or marital arts actors as they put on a show for you.

Tomo-Dachi is also proud to announce our first two dealers for the convention. is a UK-based e-store specializing in Anime toys, and in particular a shrine to the babes of anime, with a wide range of statues by Japans finest figure producers. In 2006 they will broaden their already large range of merchandise including Art books, DVD’s, T-Shirts including their own anime inspired clothing.

Hideki, manager of Tokyotoys, has said,
"We sell our toys and our motto is ‘Bringing you the best of Japan!’ and we aim to ‘Make it fun!’, what we enjoy most is travelling the land spreading anime love & meeting anime fans. We’ll enjoy visiting TOMO-DACHI, Ireland, a country very close to our hearts"

New Cosplay and Japanese clothing specialist Johji will also be attending Tomo-Dachi and offering their special services and costumes:
"Hi everyone! Johji are excited to announce that we will be attending Tomodachi '06 as part of our event calendar for our launch year! Dedicated to cosplay and Japanese fashion, Johji supplies costumes, clothing and accessories for pro and first-time cosplayers alike. Cosplay items include outfits from Bleach, Chobits, Naruto, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, Battle Royale, and plenty more besides, and we also provide a range of EGL dresses and accessories. Johji's website is currently under construction, but watch the Tomo forum for updates! We look forward to seeing you all in July!"

That’s it for now, but see you all there!

About Tomo-Dachi and DAMA:
DAMA was founded in 2004 to bring anime and manga to the North-West of Northern Ireland, but has managed to appeal much farther in its 18-month lifespan. 2005 marked the first Tomo-Dachi convention, which surpassed all expectations for both the staff and attendees. TD06 will be the largest anime event in Ireland’s history, with three days of events and guests from the US and UK in attendance. More information is available at"

Source: Tomo-Dachi
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