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Akita Kanto performance at the Thames Festival

Date: 2004 September 11 17:30

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London otaku better get themselves to the the Thames Festival which "closes busy streets and transforms the river, parks and open spaces with a rich programme of new creative commissions, a riverside bazaar and night market, family oriented activities, street theatre, music, and more."

This year artistes balancing Kanto poles will be demonstraiting their skills in London while accompanied by traditional Japanese music of the taiko drum, bamboo flute and bell. On the 18th September they will be supported by taiko drummers from Gyosei International College.

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Saturday 18 September, 1pm Potters Fields Park (by Tower Bridge), 6pm* & 9.30pm** Jubilee Gardens

Sunday 19 September, 2pm, 6pm & 9pm** Tate Modern Forecourt

* preceeded by Akatsuki Daiko
** illuminated displays

Direct from the annual Kanto Festival in Japan, these 16m bamboo poles, weighing 50 – 60kgs are balanced with amazing dexterity by this group of performers who are accompanied by traditional Japanese Taiko music.

The poles are balanced on foreheads and lower backs, the performers using great concentration and awareness to keep the poles upright. As the lanterns sway gently in the wind, looking almost like sails, the bamboo flutes and taiko drums complete the scene and ultimately the beauty of the spectacle takes your breath away.

Akita Kanto involves over 30 performers and promises to be one of the highlights of this year's Mayor's Thames Festival, you can't possibly miss them.

Source: Thames Festival Website
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