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Manga Live! At The ICA In London

Date: 2004 August 30 14:14

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I've just found out about an event at the ICA in London. It's called Manga Live, and is divided into two events Manga Live (Fri 03 Sep) and will discuss if Manga can take off in the UK.

The second event (Sat 04 Sep) is the Manga Live! Manga Masterclass which forms a practical demonstration and workshop. The masterclass will also have a special preview screening of Rogue Farm.

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Press Release as follows:

Manga Live!

Talks: Fri 03 Sep 2004.

A unique opportunity to meet bright young manga talents direct from Tokyo and discover that manga is not all tits and tentacles.

Can Japanese comics conquer the UK? In Japan, manga account for nearly 40% of everything in print. Across Europe and America, they are the fastest-growing publishing sector, now hitting the best-seller lists. Meet: Hisaki Sakurai, who has adapted The Ring and features in new anthology Manga Mover; Kan Takahama, rising star of 'Nouvelle Manga', creator of the sexy slice-of-life Kinderbook and Mariko Parade, the tender break-up of Frederic Boilet and his model, Mariko Konno, who will also be present. Joining them and others in conversation are Sean Michael Wilson, manga publisher and writer, and Paul Gravett, author of Manga: Sixty Years of Japanese Comics. Suitable for ages 16 and older.

A Comica event

Venue(s) : Nash Room.

Fri 03 Sep 19:00 Nash Room

Full Price : £8.
Concession : £7.
ICA Members : £6.


Manga Live! Manga Masterclass

Sat 04 Sep 2004.

Watch or take part in a programme of 'live' demonstrations, practical lessons, jam sessions and story creation with the invited guests from Tokyo.

They will be joined by Mitsuba 'Supernova' Wajima, Takashi 'Fashionable Fascism' Makita, Kiriko Kubo, Misako Rocks, Puppetbear and others.

Also being shown will be a preview screening of Rogue Farm, the first adult animation film to be commissioned in the style of Japanese anime by a UK broadcaster and film body. It's a 24-minute science-fiction drama based on a short story by Nebula Award-winning sci-fi writer Charles Stross. Co-director Garry Marshall will introduce the film at 1.30pm.

Suitable for ages 16 and older.

A Comica event

Venue(s) : Theatre (standing).

Sat 04 Sep 13:30 Theatre (standing)

Full Price : £5.
Concession : £4.
ICA Members : £3.00.

Source: ICA
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