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Back from AmeCon!

Date: 2004 August 23 15:09

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I've just got back from AmeCon! Gosh, I was busy! I'll try and get a full write up done tomorrow.

The convention was popular and everyone had a good time.

Monica Rial proved to be an excellent guest, signing panties (and other things), chatting away to all the con goers and even converting a few hardcore sub only zealots to English dubs!

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Other Anime sites has already put up some details:

Dan Jackson (aka DanJ) of AnimeOnDVD has posted on their forums.

Kevin Pack (aka Lost Ghost) of Anime-Europe has posted his opinions on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of the convention.

Chris Hall of has posted a write up of the MVM Panel and Tokyo Pop Panel, I couldn't attend the Tokyo Pop panel, but it seems that either Chris Hall or the Tokyo Pop Representative has got confused with local councils being able to approve unrated films for cinema (for film festivals etc...) and thinks that this also applies to DVDs and VHS tapes, which is not the case. Exploiting loop holes like that seems a bit underhanded to me anyway and these sort of tactics put off major retailers from doing business with you. Apparently Anime-Europe also got a mention for domain squatting on hmm, I wonder if this could land Kevin Pack in legal trouble, at the least it makes companies a bit wary of fandom (anyway I'll stop gossiping).

While I'm chatting away I'll also say hello to the Glasgow Anime people, the Northern Irish anime crew (who discovered they could count to 31 using 1 hand), Hel and Scott, all the Sweatdrop people and everyone who attended that panel on Piracy. ^_-

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