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IMAF 2005

Date: 2005 June 04 14:58

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Following on from last year’s competition, IMAF have announced a 2005 event and competition. The event part will this time will run for 5 days. The details have yet to be confirmed please click ‘ Read More’ for the press release.

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Press Release as follows:

To all Manga & Anime Fanatics!

We would like to introduce you to IMAF 05 (International Manga and Anime Festival), which is kicking off in London on the 21st October for 5 days devoted to all things Manga and Anime related; offering visitors everything from exclusive film screenings, work shops, body painting,talks, trade sections, cosplay, a drawing studio, performances and a chance to meet professional animators* . The event follows up on a very popular and successful IMAF 2004 and we hope to make IMAF 05 bigger and better.

The main objective of the event is to find new, original and talented animators through a drawing/animation competition, currently open for
entries in a total of 10 subject categories, with an amazing prize fund of $75,000 on offer.

You are all invited to enter the competition as entries will be accepted from anyone from a beginner through to professionals, and we
hope to display all entries throughout the event with a professional judging panel deciding on the final winners.**

There will be a total of 9 different categories:

Best Character
+ pre-teen, teen and adult

Best Story Board
+ pre-teen, teen and adult

Best Animation
+ pre-teen, teen and adult

There will also be a special prize awarded for best overall Outstanding

We will shortly be updating our website to include loads of Manga and Anime related
entertainment and you will get a chance to see last year's winners and entrants and get much more information about the competition, including
an entry form for IMAF 05. So make sure you check back regularly, or,
if you would like to be kept up to date via email, please send an email to
either or
with the text "Keep me in the loop" in the subject line and we will make sure we keep you posted!

This is a great scope for you new, aspiring animators and professionals to get your work "out there" and also a fantastic opportunity to visit
the event itself to indulge in some real Manga and Anime madness!

Best wishes and we look forward to hearing from you!

The IMAF Team

*The exact content of the festival is subject to change
**The deadline for all entries will be in September 2005

Source: IMAF
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