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Sweatdrop At London Expo

Date: 2005 March 24 12:14

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UK manga style art group Sweatdrop Studios has announced that they will be attending the London MCM Expo and will be running the artists alley section of the 'anime village'. The MCM Expo is running on the 14 & 15th May.

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14th and 15th May

This year something altogether different is coming to the London MCM Expo..... Japanese Manga comics have spawned an entirely fresh approach to Sequential artwork and have given inspiration to a whole new breed of Artists beyond Japan's shores. The UK is no different.
Unbeknownst to many, a quiet revolution has been brewing beneath the surface of the UK small press comics industry.

Sweatdrop Studios is one of the only groups in the UK dedicated to the creation and publication of this unique art form. You will find them in the Anime Village offering an insight into the production andappreciation of the Manga cultural phenomenon. They will be presenting
tutorials, selling their own home-grown Manga products and running an Artists Alley where you can show off your own artistic skills or simply enjoy perusing the work of others.

They will also be all-too-happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the creation of your own comics from concept to printing.
Whether you are a budding Manga artist curious to learn how to apply your skills, a Manga fan, or simply someone interested in broadening
their knowledge horizons, you should not miss this chance to say hello to the group.

Source: London Expo
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