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Channel 4's 100 Greatest Cartoons Results

Date: 2005 March 04 14:56

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Following on from our previous stories reporting on Channel 4's 100 greatest cartoons as voted for by Channel 4 viewers, it was revealed last Sunday that The Simpson's was the voters favourite cartoon.

Here are the results for anime titles:

8th - Spirited Away
16th - Akira
21st - Princess Mononoke
37th - Transformers
45th - Pokemon
72nd - Legend of the Overfiend

It's good to see that Spirited Away proved popular with lots of voters, beating lots of very popular mainstream cartoons that are more well known in the UK.

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Unsurprisingly Akira (often the only anime title many people would have watched) scored in the top 20. It's also impressive to see another Studio Ghibli title - Princess Mononoke so high up. Shockley, Legend of the Overfiend scored so highly beating many popular titles like Lady and the Tramp, Peter Pan and Pepe le Pew, however if you factor into the video sales for Overfiend it isn't that much of a surprise (as mentioned by Jonathan Clements during a recent interview)

What others don't really point is that this vote was held over the internet and Channel 4 haven't released how many people voted for each title. Have tens of thousands of people voted? Hundreds of thousands of people? Or less, it isn't clear. Knowing the numbers for the votes would certainly make things more interesting. Then again such a survey isn't exactly a true representation of the nations favourite cartoon shows, it's more a of a slice of a selected groups opinion - Channel 4 viewers with internet access that wanted to vote. The show did manage to cover a fair bit of ground and the C-List celebrities highlighted flaws in the cartoons that only adults would see. The show did however have at least on person who knew about anime - Jonathan Clements, who covered Legend of the Overfiend and a few other anime titles.

Source: Channel 4
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