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J-Pop Go Update!

Date: 2005 February 27 08:00

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The folks at J-PopGo! have updated their site and given an updated date Wednesday May 4th for the event.

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Official Update as follows:

J-Pop Go! will be a London-based club night dedicated to Japanese pop music. The music played on the night will encompass a wide range of J-Pop artists, including Puffy, Cornelius, Polysics, YMO, Ayumi Hamasaki, Pizzicato Five, Supercar, The Pillows, L'Arc~en~Ciel and The Brilliant Green amongst others.

After some changes and updates we now have a rescheduled date of Wednesday May 4th for the event.

J-Pop Go! will feature selected DJ's including DJ Take Off (better known for Brighton's Departure Lounge events) who will be playing variety of J-Pop tunes throughout the night.

As a bonus, we're also producing a special magazine for the event. Designed as a J-Pop primer, the magazine will provide more info on the various J-Pop genres as well as quick guides to a variety of artists. Contributers include Jonathan Mays who has written for the likes of Newtype, Anime Insider and Neo.

I'm also keen to hear from potential writers who may want to contribute. So if you've always wanted to write about J-Pop, now's your chance.

As ever, more information is available from our website at

Source: J-Pop Go!
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