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Anime Director Tatsuma Minamikawa and Anime Producer Yohei Ito will be special guests at MCM London Comic Con

Date: 2017 May 02 16:08

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It's May, which means we'll be talking about the MCM London Comic Con a lot this month as build up for the colossal event starts. They've just revealed the two special guests that will be of interest to anime fans anime director Tatsuma Minamikawa and anime producer Yohei Ito.

Tatsuma Minamikawa is the director of the new Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry movie, while Yohei Ito has worked associate producer for Attack on Titan Season 1 and 2.

The MCM London Comic Con is set to run at the Excel Centre from Friday 26th to 28th May 2017.

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Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry helmer Tatsuma Minamikawa & anime producer Yohei Ito to be London special guests

MCM London Comic Con has two anime-zing special guests lined up for this month’s ExCel event in the shape of Tatsuma Minamikawa - director of the new Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry movie - and experienced anime producer Yohei Ito.

Tatsuma Minamikawa

Beginning his anime industry career in 2006 at studio Pierrot, Tatsuma Minamikawa recently made his full directorial debut with newly-released A-1 Pictures film Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, the second feature-length entry in the long-running fantasy series.

The film sees Natsu, Lucy and friends on a quest to recover the titular Dragon Cry, a stolen magical artefact with the power to destroy the world. Their quest takes them to the kingdom of Stella, whose king Animus has come into possession of the artefact. During the mission, they meet Animus' magician Sonya, who seems to be hiding a secret...

Minamikawa has also worked on films such as Naruto Shippuden the Movie and its sequel Bonds, Bleach the Movie: Fade to Black and Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion, and 2012 sci-fi romance Psychic School Wars. Meanwhile, his TV credits include Aldnoah.Zero, Attack on Titan, Oreimo, Gintama, GATE, Gundam Build Fighters Try and Chihayafuru 2.

Yohei Ito.

Yohei Ito turned to anime production after stints as an editor for FRIDAY, Japan's biggest photo tabloid magazine, and heading Kodansha’s Live Action Licensing operations. As well running the publisher’s Animation Licensing and Producing, Ito has worked as associate producer on global phenomenon Attack on Titan and its much-anticipated second season.

In addition, Ito was assistant producer on critically-acclaimed Naoko Yamada movie A Silent Voice, served as chief producer on Fairy Tail and recently produced comedy Flying Witch, romcom First Love Monster and spin-off parody Attack on Titan: Junior High.

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Source: MCM London Comic Con
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