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FUNimation Now announces new launch date, adds countries

Date: 2016 February 22 14:52

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US anime label FUNimation announces delay to UK launch date and adds Republic of Ireland to its territories list.

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FUNimation Now, the UK streaming arm of the North American video and streaming anime label, has announced that their planned launch in February had been pushed back to March 2016 and shared further details of the launch.

As well as launching in the UK, the company stated that they will be launching in the Republic of Ireland. Fielding questions through their new Twitter account, the FUNimation rep also stated that there will be differences in the catalogue available to UK and Irish customers due to rights restrictions. Whether this will be in the form of minor newer titles or take the form of more popular titles that have never been licenced for streaming outside of the US such as Dragonball or One Piece remains to be seen.

Further, the rep said that console and smart device apps would be announced in the near future ahead of the launch.

FUNimation Now is the company's first foray into streaming anime outside of North America since its earliest streaming incarnation shut out their non-US customers over five years ago after a breach in security led to the leaking of One Piece content and the temporary closure of the North American streaming platform.

Source: FUNimation Now (Twitter)
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