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Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2016 Details

Date: 2016 January 11 16:31

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UK anime fans will be pleased to hear about the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme.

It's set to run around the UK from Friday 5th February to Saturday 26th March 2016. Everything kicks off at the ICA in London, and then will tour a further 12 venues. All the films look interesting, but if we really, really had to pick one, we'd say Miss Hokusai, we've already seen it and can confirm it's one of those rare must see anime films. It shows you that there's so much more to anime. It's lavishly animated and tells the tale of Hokusai's daughter.

If you can't catch it in the cinema Miss Hokusai will be released on 31st March 2016 on DVD, Blu-ray and Collector's Edition Blu-ray by Anime Limited.

Anime Anthem of the Heart also forms part of the film tour. It's a story about a girl who can no longer speak and bottles up her emotions following a magical encounter with an "Egg Fairy".

The festival also has plenty of other very interesting Japanese films that would be worth your attention.

With all screenings like this, we strongly advise booking early to avoid disappointment. It's always good to see anime on a big cinema screen.

Source: Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme
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