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Kamishibai Paper Theatre Workshop in Ashburton, Devon

Date: 2015 August 20 16:26

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While we normally focus on UK events in London, our readers in Ashburton in Devon are in for a cultural delight this weekend. Graphic novel and comics shop Gnash will be running a Kamishibai workshop in their shop on Sunday 23rd August 2015.

Kamishibai traditional form of paper theatre, where the performer would tell stories, and show accompanying pictures. The story teller would change each picture during the story as the narrative goes along. Most performers uses this as a method of selling sweets. They'd ride along from neighbourhood to neighbourhood telling the stories to local children.

Gnash will be running 2 sessions one at 11:30 am and one at 2:30pm. Priced at £8.50 per attendee.

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Details as follows:

Translating as 'paper theatre', Kamishibai is a Japanese form of story-telling in which a narrator rides a bicycle with a small theatre on the back, containing illustrations to be revealed as the story is told. Typically performed on street corners as a method to sell sweets and entrance children with tales, some consider Manga to have origins in this style of street storytelling.

Gnash are delighted to welcome Sara Hurley - an actor, writer and educator as well as director of combined arts company 'Blazing Tales' - to lead the workshop on this fascinating field of fiction.

We are running two sessions on the 23rd, at:

11:30 am

Priced at £8.50 per attendee for each.

All ages are welcome and everyone will be able to take part in creating their own Kamishibai. Come along and be part of the fun.

This is certain to be a popular session and space is limited, so be sure to book early to avoid disappointment; you can do so by popping into the shop, phoning us on 01364 653 835, or dropping us an email at

(If you need another reminder, here's a link to a Facebook event for the workshop!)

Source: Gnash
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